And We’re Off . . .


The time has finally, mercifully, come. We’re off to the South Pacific. In just about 24 hours, this (or something like it) will be our view:

I already miss that....

We’re heading to four islands, and on three of those, we’ll be in overwater bungalows. I have to thank the folks at Pearl Resorts for offering up a media rate, because otherwise, that would have been just about impossible to afford. (Even with a media rate, it’s a stretch, but hey, it’s our honeymoon, and if we’re ever going to splurge . . . .)

As promised, I’ve got guest posts lined up each weekday for the next two weeks. Many of those are from blogger friends of mine, as I said earlier. But the response to my request for posts from you all was fantastic, so you’ll see a couple of those as well. For those I don’t post, I must apologize. I know you all worked hard on them, and I appreciate the effort.

I should note that the opinions expressed by everyone in these posts are theirs and theirs alone. I may agree with some but others I may not. Either way, it should be a highly entertaining couple of weeks for you, I hope.

I’m unplugging on this trip completely, so my cell phone won’t turn on, and I won’t check email. I’m sure I’ll face an avalanche of emails when I return, but that’s ok. I’ll do my best to get caught up then. The blog is on autopilot, so please understand if a comment accidentally gets snagged in a spam filter or other problems arise. There’s nothing I can do until I return.

So with that, I hope you enjoy the guest posts and I’ll see you back here in a couple of weeks!

[Original photo from crylov via Flickr]

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10 comments on “And We’re Off . . .

  1. OK, if I knew this was where you were going for your honeymoon, I would have married you.

    All the best.

  2. Have a great trip and bring back lots of pictures. In the meantime, enjoy the silence of not having a computer! Best wishes for a long life together.

  3. Have a wonderful honeymoon vacation. We were in those islands on a cruise last year and dream of doing an overwater bungalow. We’ll look for your exciting report when you return. Unplug and enjoy! Congratulations.

  4. Have a splendid honeymoon! (Mine will be in August/Sept.) I have recently become hooked on this site, and shall miss your commentary but look forward to the guests’.

    I too enjoy going out of pocket on the occasional trip but porbably, ironically, cannot do so on my honeymoon! :-/

    P.S. Dare we hope for a trip report, given the exotic locale?

  5. Let’s see, YES I now remember a Honeymoon in the South Pacific. As a matter of fact, that’s where my son got his start in this world! :-D

    Happiness and a great honeymoon to you and Mrs. Cranky!


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