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This Year’s Aviation Dally (NOT the Dilly)


If you read the very good but insanely expensive Aviation Daily or you’ve just been around this industry long enough, you’re probably familiar with the time-honored tradition that is Aviation Dilly. Every year around this time, the aviation writers at Aviation Daily and its related publications get together and write some good ole’ fashioned satire about this industry we all know and love. Until this year, that is.

See, I’m told that the evil geniuses behind the publication have decided that the Dilly would be canceled this year as a cost-cutting measure. Seriously. Somebody please tell me I’m wrong. I’m not sure what the actual cost is for people to put out a PDF file with some funny stories, but it can’t be much. Meanwhile, the hard-working writers at the Daily can’t be happy.

Still, this sad state of affairs doesn’t mean we all should be deprived of some good comedy this year. We all know the airlines have given us plenty of material, so I’ve volunteered to put together a brand new little thing we like to call Aviation Dally for your reading pleasure.

That’s right. This is the Dally, not the Dilly, and it has nothing to do with McGraw-Hill, Aviation Daily, Aviation Week & Space Technology, or any other aviation-related publication that they can put together. This is just a handful of us from around the industry putting together some funny bits for you. You’ll never know who wrote which posts. All the articles written by, for example, Tucano Bandeirante were actually written by one person using that name, but no real names are being used here. (That would be a pretty damn cool name though.)

So, head on over to Aviation Dally at http://aviationdally.crankyflier.com/ and let us know what you think. There are star ratings on each post, so you’re encouraged to pick and choose your favorites. And if you’ve got a great story idea, feel free to send it to me (cf@crankyflier.com) and we’ll put up the best one at the end of each week.

For those who don’t want to sift through all the stories, here’s a list of the ones we have so far with direct links.

We hope you all enjoy, and with any luck, we’ll see the Dilly back once again next year.

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1 comment on “This Year’s Aviation Dally (NOT the Dilly)

  1. Cranky, how on earth did you do it? You know, with the astronomical expense of typing on a keyboard an all…..

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