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I know I mentioned it before, but I thought it worth mentioning again that I’m now the airline blogger for BNET. My posts on Cranky are primarily focused on the frequent (or not so frequent) flier, but over on BNET, I get into more on airline management. Since I know that the last thing you want is to have to check two different places to see what I’m writing about, I thought I’d do a couple things to make this easier to find my content.

First, I’ve started using Google site search. Now anytime you search for something on Cranky in the upper right hand corner search box, it will also return results from BNET if there’s a better match for what you’re looking for. Cool, huh?

Second, I’m going to start posting every Saturday a summary of the previous week’s posts in BNET. If you’re interested, head on over and check out the full posts. If not, well, no big deal. Since today is the 4th of July, I’m not posting a regular post today. So, I thought I’d kick off my first week of this effort by posting a day early. Usually, you’ll still see my regular number of weekly posts with this bonus summary on Saturdays.

Monday, June 30
Midwest Facing Pay Cuts, Fleet Cuts, Layoffs
Midwest Airlines is facing some massive cuts in flying and employee pay right now. What will the future hold for these little guys?

Tuesday, July 1
Mesa Air Group Releases Delayed Second Quarter Earnings
Mesa announced a profit in its very-delayed 2nd quarter earnings release, but thanks to a settled lawsuit, all is not as rosy as that may sound.

Wednesday, July 2
Frontier Loses $22 Million in May
Bankrupt airlines have to report their finances monthly, and Frontier’s May was a very ugly one.

Thursday, July 3
Allegiant’s Incredible 94% Load Factor
Allegiant posted a fairly amazing 94% load factor in June. How is that even possible?

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4 comments on “This Week on BNET Travel (June 30 – July 3)

  1. I guess that every news channel has to cope with a slow day and nothing on which to report to the viewers ? :)

  2. Gee Cranky,
    Now that you are bordering on uber famous and hanging out with Paris and the Olsen twins, will you continue to talk with us peons?

  3. Brian – Until Paris and the Olsen twins develop a love for spotting, I think everyone else is safe. Besides, good luck getting them to eat an In ‘n Out burger (or anything, for that matter).

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