Southwest Having Computer Problems?


Word on the street is that Southwest is having computer problems right now. I’m hearing reports that online check-in isn’t working (or at least not working 100% of the time) and that the airports are crazy. Well, so far I’ve only heard that Phoenix is crazy, but it would stand to reason that others may be in similar shape. Southwest Reservations doesn’t have any info.

Does anyone out there know anything more?

Update: Sounds like there was a computer outage at some point today, but it was pretty short and it’s fixed now. All is well.

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1 comment on “Southwest Having Computer Problems?

  1. Hmm.. I wonder what the contingency plans for things like this look like. I know JetBlue has their office staff badged and more or less trained to get out into the airport and provide assistance, but does this just boil down to a grin and bear it situation?

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