Two Quick Links on Herb Kelleher


I really can’t let Herb’s departure as Chairman go without a little more color. I mean, he’s an absolute legend in this business, and he deserves a proper send off (not that I can really live up to that). So, here are a couple of video links that I recommend watching.

First, take a look at the 1988 commercial called “The Unknown Flier” (second one down). The story behind this video, if I recall correctly, was that one of the founders of America West (not sure which one) said he’d be embarrassed to fly Southwest because of its cattle car mentality. (Is someone remember this story better, please comment below.) Well, Herb and his team came up with this fantastic response. Talk about being clever . . . .

Second, I’d recommend heading over to the Dallas Morning News for a clip montage of Herb’s final annual meeting yesterday. It’s a great collection of video that I think sums him up quite well, from what I know of him. You can see a guy who genuinely cares about people, tells it like it is, and definitely loves that airline. We need more people like that in the industry.

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1 comment on “Two Quick Links on Herb Kelleher

  1. Wow, what a send off. I can’t think of many chairmen or CEOs who would attract this level of adoration. I think this is part of the formula that has made this company so successful.

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