It’s Travvy Time


It’s amazing how fast time flies. It was a year ago that the inaugural Travvies were handed out, and I was fortunate enough to receive a pair – Best Single Author Blog and Best Informative/Practical Travel Blog. 08_03_24 travvies2008Today, nominations for the 2008 awards have opened.

Once again, Mark Ashley over at Upgrade: Travel Better is hosting this year, so unfortunately he is ineligible once again. We’ll really have to get someone else to host it one of these years so he can have a shot. If you aren’t reading his blog, you should.

Go to this page for all the info you need. Basically, you have two weeks to nominate up to three blogs per category. Then a panel of judges will pick the four finalists, at which point everyone gets to go back and vote for their favorites.

Make sure you head on down to nominate your picks.

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