Were We At the Same US Airways Media Day?

As you know, I was at Media Day for US Airways yesterday, but when I read this article from Reuters, I began to wonder if I was in the wrong place. I didn’t hear anything that could lead to the headline stating “US Airways CEO see airline industry heading down.”

Oh sure, they got the quotes right, for the most part. But they were taken completely out of context.

Did Doug say, “Our industry is in a mess, if you haven’t noticed”? Yeah, well I remember him saying “Our industry is a mess” but that’s close enough. But what wasn’t cited here was that Doug was talking about the industry from a general perspective, not at this current moment. And it had nothing to do with the economy. And as we know, this industry IS a mess and always has been.

Did Doug say, “We’re about to head into what looks like another downturn”? Yep. But he was referring to the economy, not the airline. Doug went on to confirm that the airline hadn’t seen any weakness so far, despite the economic indicators that are out there.

Wow, just a brutally twisted report. It’s going to take me some time to get my full post on this together, but I should have it for Monday. Until then, why don’t you keep yourselves entertained with this giant rat.

08_02_29 The Rat

This rat was outside airline headquarters yesterday as part of a protest involving US Airways labor groups. Next time the unions ask for a raise in the face of $100 oil, I think US Airways can just say the rat took all the money. I hear he works for ExxonMobil.

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Bryan in San Francisco

US Airways workers had their pay slashed four times during two Chapter 11 bankruptcies and a merger. Now with three consecutive quarters of profit, their wages still haven’t been restored. I dunno who would tolerate that. Maybe while oil is at $100 per barrel, they shouldn’t hire a CEO who got a DUI charge and $6.8 mil in 2007. (No offense, CF!)

Brian in Toronto
Brian in Toronto

Seems like you and some other bloggers are being rather “fan-boyish” about all of this. Getting invited to a media day doesn’t mean you have to drink the kool-aid.


Wow. If I had known the rat was going to be there, I would have detoured through Tempe on my way to the airport instead of taking the 202.

Brian in Toronto
Brian in Toronto

Why? Because after reading the Reuters report, and reading the quotes you gave, without your editorialization, the Reuters report seems pretty spot on – ignoring the positive spin put on by US. Journalists are trained to do that you know, unlike the blog-osphere…

As for the comment on Parker’s DUI, well, that is a Felony in my country….


To all the angry USAirways guys, we don’t care how much you suffered in the past, and, frankly, every time you bring it up, you marginalize it. Times change, airlines change and if you don’t change with it, you are left behind. Merely accusing people of drinking kool-aid doesn’t cut it anymore.



I just wanted to tell you that i listened to your interview on the frommers podcast and now i have subscribed to your blog.

Keep up the great work!