Arctic Circle Air – The Most Comfortable Airline

Arctic Circle Air, Cape Air

Chances are that you’ve never heard of Arctic Circle Air. That’s not much of a surprise. See, these guys do the tough flying up in Alaska with a fleet of props. 08_01_22 arcticcircleairThey do a lot of cargo work, but they also fly passengers around. After seeing that shot of one of their planes at left, um, how is it that I can call them the most comfortable airline?

Well, people are always complaining about how cramped and annoying it is to be on full flights. You won’t have this problem with these guys. In October, the latest month that government data is available, their 1,254 flights carried a whopping 285 passengers. Since they flew 5,482 seats, that means they only filled 5% of them. Just think of all the room you’ll have to stretch out. Actually, that’s probably not true. They’re probably full of cargo, maybe a moose, but that doesn’t count. Feel free to book your next flight here.

I’ve actually been playing around with the government data a lot lately, so you can expect more posts on it in the next couple days. Not sure what government data I’m talking about? Don’t worry, I’m putting a post together on that as well.

7 comments on “Arctic Circle Air – The Most Comfortable Airline

  1. Actually our office chairs are very comfortable! And seat pitch is fantastic. Mine even reclines. Since I work for Arctic Circle Air I can give you the inside scoop. We even will serve you coffee in the office. Nice to see we made a list, any list!

  2. Yes! An actual Arctic Circle employee. So do you guys really go out with that many empty seats or is it mostly filled with cargo? I bet you guys do some fun flying up there.

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