Remember Stewardesses?

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There is definitely something fun about coming home and sifting through some of the old stuff buried in the closet in my parents’ house. I love looking through some of the old National Geographic magazines, because they all have old airline ads. When I picked up the August 1970 issue, I came across this Delta ad and had to laugh.

07_11_25 deltaadaug70

So many things about this ad wouldn’t fly in the US today. (Pardon the pun.) You definitely couldn’t say a flight attendant had to be pretty. Heck, you can’t even call her a stewardess. (Besides, it could be a “him” instead.) But these ads were pretty tame compared to those from Southwest, National, and of course, PSA. Forget about all that political correctness though. I bet they delivered fantastic service back then. I only wish I could have experienced it.

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    They don’t have to be 5″6, 115lb, 36″- 24″- 36″ with only 9% body fat and all of that in their perfect and perky 90* angle breasts, miss congeniality, have 64
    perfect pearly white teeth and a smile to match, dinner plate size eyes, flawless long tresses, natural tawny skin, be college educated, have a lQ of 145 with a matching bubbly personality, be perfectly fit, and their first name is always “miss” like in the old days! why that’s just un-American

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