United Thinks It Feeds You Too Much

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Mmm, Biscoff cookies. 07_08_15 biscoffIf you’re flying United these days, these cookies are about the only thing that differentiates the airline from American or Northwest (if you aren’t in Economy Plus). Apparently, they’ve now decided that they’re giving you way too much food on each flight, so they’re cutting back.

On August 7 the airline decided to start handing out 5 oz. packages instead of the previous super-sized 9 oz. ones. I, for one, am glad to see United doing its part to fight the growing obesity problem in the US. Those 9 oz. packages were destroying our children and raising healthcare costs. It’s about time someone stood up and tried to save us.

Oh wait, that’s right. This is just another way to cut costs. *sigh*

UPDATE 8/23 @ 944a: I believe that may actually be .5 oz down from .9 oz. 5 oz would be one big cookie.

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5 comments on “United Thinks It Feeds You Too Much

  1. Except that Delta also serves the cookies…branded with the Delta logo as well (don’t remember if United does that).

  2. Having read this, I was somehow unsurprised when the flight attendant on my United flight from SEA-IAD handed me a bag of pretzels that seemed suspiciously light…it had ONE pretzel in it! It was some kind of mistake, and she gave me another bag, but I wonder at the future!

  3. Go to Walgreens and get two packages of Biscoff Cookies (64 cookies total) for $5.00, and make your fellow passengers look green with envy.

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