Baby Terrorist Caught Before Attacking Continental Express Flight

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You’ve seen the news. A “small, innocent” baby was forced off a flight for making too much noise. I’ve seen plenty of outrage in most articles and blogs, but I’ve got a different perspective.

This heroic flight attendant saved us from a deadly terrorist attack.

07_07_14 babybomberOh, you think it couldn’t be true? The baby is only 19 months old? Come on. Those are excuses. This baby’s comments give us insight into the mind of a dangerous suicide bomber. What did he say? “Bye bye plane.” That’s right. He was ready to do his duty and destroy the flight for his cause. They may have only had moments left to live.

It’s a good thing this flight attendant caught this clue before the plane departed. I encourage the TSA to start profiling all babies under 2 years old immediately. There are millions of potential terrorists fitting this profile within our borders today. Clearly, the threat level needs to be raised to red and everyone must pay closer attention.

This flight attendant is a hero. Hopefully we can all follow her lead in protecting America from dangerous terrorists. If not, we may have another 9/11 on our hands.

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8 comments on “Baby Terrorist Caught Before Attacking Continental Express Flight

  1. Screaming baby on a plane is indeed a major annoyance threat :-) In any case, this story has nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with stupid parents who cannot calm their kids (and thus should not be flying!)

    Go Continental!

  2. Yeah, they babble on in some language no good American can understand, and they smell and stuff.
    They should go back where they came from, the little towel-bottoms!

  3. Come on, Cranky. You used to work for an airline. You know that with these situations, there are always three sides — his, hers and the truth. And you also know that airlines almost never discuss the full details of an incident.

    After seeing the little “darling” acting up on “Good Morning America,” I’m starting to question the whole incident. It was clear to me that this mother had no clue that her little angel was in fact a little hellion, nor could she even control the little devil. You, Cranky, of all people, should know better!! And I have a child close to that age, and I actually agree with Coward on this.

  4. I’d tend to consider the “his, hers and the truth” argument if there weren’t so many witnesses backing up the woman’s story.

    Come on, we’ve all witnessed out of control flight crews. 9/11 happened and they “ain’t gonna take it anymore,” whether “it” refers to potential terrorists or folks that simply piss them off.

  5. This is just one more example of the hysteria this country has been in since 9/11.

    There are alot of things that go on in airports and airplanes that are just pure BS, but are justified “because its a rule” or “in the name of security”. No one has ever been able to explain to me a real reason why every white caucasian woman getting on an airplane with a baby in a stroller gets the same security scrutiny that every darkskinned, Middleastern appearing, or single male traveler gets. Talk about a waste of resources and total inability to prioritize. Michael Chertoff and his cronies at TSA are just a waste of a money. I say fire the lot. We’d be better off going back to the way things were before 9/11 and just taking our chances than putting up with any more of the expensive, wasteful nonsense that goes on in every airport, every day.

    The airlines are damn lucky many of us choose to fly at all these days. Honestly, if I had a real alternative I probably would avoid it.

  6. A little more training, and the flight attendant would have brought the child something to distract him -perhaps one of
    the children’s books that without doubt any worthwhile airline company would have to hand. Maybe, after finishing the safety lecture to the best of her ability, she might have talked to the baby in the way
    babies like. The repeated “bye bye” sounds a bit to me like fear or apprehension from the child, and after eleven hours of delay, he has no doubt
    developed thoughts that this is not life as he knows it.

    It’s wonderful if you can have a totally happy contented quietly spoken baby
    with inbuilt etiquette, but there aren’t many of those
    around. Even the most placid ones can suddenly take you
    by surprise with behaviour you never expected.
    It’s up to spoiled ME ME ME adults to look at their own
    faults before casting the first stone.

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