Hittin’ the Road


I’m heading out of town this morning for a weekend in Colorado. I was hoping to get another post out before I left, but that’s just not going to happen. So, if I get a chance, I’ll post while I’m gone, but most likely you won’t hear from me again until Monday. I’ll have a report on my first trip on Frontier when I return.

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3 comments on “Hittin’ the Road

  1. My airport tip from a regular reader: In Denver don’t bother with the airport trains – there’s a cool walkway over the taxiway from concourse A direct to the north side of the terminal.

    Enjoy your time in the city – or better yet go drive up to Leadville, Breckenridge, or Buena Vista where it’s cooler and you can experience some outdoorsy Colorado.

    james http://www.futuregringo.com

  2. p.s. If you’re driving don’t speed on Pena Blvd (the airport freeway), either. Lots of cops. Crummy last memory of a visit to Denver I say.

    p.s. I flew back from LAX -DEN last week Tuesday, when UAL decided to cancel two flights. Brilliant me decided to sit at the beach until 2pm and get standby without knowing this. Fortunately I got a flight through LAS, and had three hours to kill so I escaped the madhouse of the UAL ticketing area and walked over to my favorite place in L.A. – the grassy median adjacent to the In-and-Out burger, where you can watch planes from all over the world land 50 feet over your head.

    I think that’s the only reason I miss living in L.A. :)

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