Midwest’s Dog Fetish

I really don’t understand the obsession that Midwest Airlines has with dogs.

07_06_26 yxcookiedogFirst, they launched a frequent flier program for them. Fine, that’s a good way to reach dog lovers and probably makes some sense. Then they announced Canine Travel Packs, a “welcome gift” for dogs when they fly. Mmmkay, starting to get creepy.

So yesterday, when they put out a press release entitled, “Midwest Airlines Pampers Professional Pooches,” I could only shake my head and wonder . . . why is the PR team focused on this when they might want to worry a little more about that hostile takeover from AirTran? Maybe they just need some good news to focus on – they haven’t had much of that lately – but pampered pooches?

Not that most of you care, but just in case . . . . That last release was about how they transported two “special canine athletes” from Florida to New York. That’s it. Nothing else. Oy vey.

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2 Responses to Midwest’s Dog Fetish

  1. John says:

    There are two types of dog owners. The first is a person who has a dog. The second is a dog lover. A dog lover considers and treats his dog like a furry little kid. Dog lovers spend millions of dollars on products and services that offer special attention for their furry little kids including doggy boarding hotels, pet health insurance, and physical therapy just to name a few.

    As a dog lover, I refuse to travel via any method that does not allow my puppies (furry little kids) to sit right next to me or at my feet. Yes, I have lost opportunities both professional and personal because my dogs could not be accomodated in the manner that they are accustomed.

    And, any service provider that caters to pets (furry little kids) gets my support.

  2. Adam says:

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