Behold, the 787


I just came across this discussion thread on that shows the first 787 all put together!

That is one awesome-looking airplane. Check out the size of those engines on that frame. It almost looks like the love-child of a 777 and a 757. (Yes, I know that thinking about airplanes mating means I should see a shrink.)

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4 comments on “Behold, the 787

  1. Interesting. Was hoping for more upward flare in the wings, but perhaps we’ll see this when the airplane is in flight.

    Also, could the fact that the engines seem gigantic be attributable to their being covered by stand-out red plastic, or is the engine:fuselage size ratio actually greater than that of other models?

  2. Yeah, the wings are going to be much more exciting when we see them in flight. They should flex like crazy.

    The engines really are that big. It’s similar to what you see on the 777. Very high bypass turbofans = more fuel efficiency.

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