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Quick – where’s the last place you’d want to be stuck? Looks like some COPA passengers lived every 19 year old’s worst nightmare by being trapped in Tijuana for several hours against their will.

07_06_05 tijuana
A COPA flight from Panama City to Los Angeles apparently used more fuel than it thought it would flying around a hurricane (let’s just gloss over how that happened for now) and didn’t have enough left to make it to LAX. So they decided to divert to Tijuana. Yikes. Once they got there, they found out that customs would be closed at LAX so they just hung out in TJ overnight, flying out in the morning.

Apparently, they did let people off the plane in TJ if they wanted, and some people took them up on it. I probably would have just stayed on the plane instead of wandering through TJ in the middle of the night trying to get across the border, but that’s just me.

So next time you’re stuck on the runway for hours on end waiting to depart, just remember that it could be worse.

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