Delta Week – Takin’ it To THE Street


My Delta Week watch continues today with a real press release, believe or not. Unfortunately, it has little impact on the flying public. Today, the new unbankrupt Delta was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. They’ve decided to keep the ticker symbol DAL.

So how’s it doing so far? It was issued at $20.40 officially and right now it stands at $20.74 after going as high as $21.80. How does this impact you? Well according to a good (now drunk) friend on an early morning flight today, free champagne onboard in all classes today!

07_05_03 newdeltagateIf that’s not enough for you, head on over to my friend Benet Wilson’s blog, Aviation Daily on Airports. She was at the unveiling of the new brand down in Atlanta and has some great shots of the terminal in transition down there. The picture at left is a gate in the new colors, and I must say, it does look sharp. I think it looks better in the terminal than it does on the plane, that’s for sure.

And while we’re on the new look, if you’d like to play a fun game of “What does the new DL brand most closely resemble?,” head on over to PlaneBuzz.  The consensus?  The widget looks a little too close to Citgo’s, but the typeface is eerily similar to Delta Faucet.  Head on over for pictures and judge for yourself.

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