Delta Week Part 3 = Yawn

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Another day, another lack of news in Delta week. What am I missing here?

There was an article in the New York Times today talking about how Delta has hired PR agencies to help them get back on track. They liken the effort to one of a politician, and they preview the new Delta commercial here.

You’ll notice that they prominently promote as the website to go visit. Ah, but guess what . . . it just redirects to Lame!

Update 5/2 @ 10:47a: Well, now it redirects to, but it’s just a blank page with an image of a flower saying that change is coming May 7. If you have an NYT article going out on May 2 about it, I’d think you might want to actually have the site live.

One thing is does hint at is that it’s going to be so very “Web 2.0.” In other words, it’s going to involve users and their content in building the site. This is a great idea and it’s long overdue in the airline industry. I just hope they don’t edit out negative comments, because that will be a death sentence for the community. They’ll also need to integrate this into the home page and not just on a separate site. People go to for travel very often, but you’re not going to get them to go to in the long term.

I really can’t wait to see this site.

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1 comment on “Delta Week Part 3 = Yawn

  1. Hi Brett,

    I just responded to your initial post on, and thought I’d chime in on this one too.

    We want the community forum to be a real experience for our users, and you can expect to see very real conversations.

    We believe open, authentic conversation is key to running a successful community site.

    To answer your last point, yes we are working through some options on how to best integrate this product into, rather than just having it as a separate site.

    We’ve got lots of ideas on how to best do that, and we welcome yours too! :)

    Jacob Morris
    Product Manager & self-service

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