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Remember that Adam Air plane crash in Indonesia last week? Well despite one false report, they unbelievably still haven’t found the plane’s remains yet. I can’t imagine that happening in the US or Europe today, but Indonesia is a whole different story.

There’s a report now that an Indonesian naval ship has found metal on the ocean floor that may be the remains. That could certainly explain why they haven’t found the remains yet. It’s also said that if it did indeed crash into the ocean, the pieces could have drifted for hundreds of miles. Sheesh.

It sounds like investigators are now starting to wonder what happened even without the aircraft remains. Some are speculating that it happened quickly and involved either metal fatigue or a bomb. I assume these predictions are based on the lack of communications with air traffic control. If it were a more drawn out problem, they could have reported it, but that certainly doesn’t mean we can jump to conclusions yet

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1 comment on “Adam Air – Still Looking

  1. Yeah, flying in southeast Asia is definitely not like flying in the US. When I was in the air force, we used to fly a lot of routes over the South China sea. You may know this, but on long over-water flights, you’re required to report your position via HF every hour or every five degrees of latitude. If you miss the reporting time by a certain number of minutes, they try to raise you, if they don’t get you within a certain time period, they start calling all the airports you could have diverted to, and if they can’t find you then, they theoretically launch a search and rescue mission based on your last position report.

    Anyway, most of the South China See is covered by Manila control, and half the time they wouldn’t even ANSWER when we tried to report out position. I doubt anybody was even writing down our info. It really made me wonder if they would even try looking for us. Plus, it was pretty scary thinking that the Philippine navy would be the ones we would have to rely on!

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