An Update on My Fight with US Airways

US Airways

And the fight goes on. For a brief refresher on my fight over guaranteed airfare, read this post. Now, US Airways has responded with this:

I have pulled the information online regarding our Guaranteed Air Fare policy. Please visit:

Guaranteed Air Fare Refund
When a new lower fare becomes available after a ticket has beenpurchased, customers are entitled to a Guaranteed Air Fare Rule refundwithin the following guidelines:

  • The lower fare is available for the exact itinerary previously purchased.
  • No portion of the reservation has been flown.
  • Guaranteed airfare refunds are not available for online ticket exchanges. Certain promotional fares may be excluded.

A $100 service fee will be charged unless the refund is issued in the form of a travel voucher. Additional rules and restrictions may apply. Call our Reservations Desk to seek a Guaranteed Air Fare Refund.

Keep in mind, a Reservations agent must be able to view the decreased fare or new fare in our booking system.

Since your e-mail concerns future travel, please contact ourReservations Department at 1-800-428-4322 for assistance. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

My response to this email is no different than my previous responses. I don’t care what their website says, because that is not the contract to which I’m bound. If this were stated in the contract of carriage, I would never have started this fight in the first place.

Hopefully I’ll hear another response soon, but somehow I’m still not expecting this to go anywhere.

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