Is BWIA Finally Dead?


Conflicting reports are coming out of the Carribean on the reported death of BWIA, an government-owned airline out of Trinidad & Tobago.

It sounds like it all started with a meeting to discuss the future of the airline. The airline has been flying for 66 years, and it’s been in financial trouble for just about as long, so they were finally going to decide what to do about it.

Well, the meeting was postponed until this Friday, but the head of a trade union at the airline says he already knows the outcome. He expects a shutdown will occur by year end and a new airline called Carribean Airlines will be started in its place.

Of course, now BWIA comes out saying that the rumors are all untrue. Who knows what is to happen here, but it will sure be interesting to watch. This industry has been lacking a nice soap opera story ever since Varig narrowly avoided death a month ago, so this will provide some welcome entertainment.

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