Ryanair Will Let You Use Cell Phones

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This morning, Ryanair announced (it’s a .doc) they’ve teamed up with OnAir to offer inflight mobile phone usage starting next summer.


I’m a big fan of inflight internet, because, well, it’s quiet, and it keeps people entertained. Even inflight text/SMS messaging is great. I have no problems with that. But when you mix cell phones and loud engine noise, you end up with worse noise pollution than that with which you started.

I take the train from LA to San Diego about once a month, and people on trains use cell phones all the time. Some people are polite, but many others just sprawl out and act like they’re in their own homes. They’re loud, they use foul language, and you learn far more about someone than you ever wanted to know.

I’ve heard people talking about illnesses they have, trying to hook up with girls, and fighting with their mothers among other things. I don’t want to hear about it, so please keep it to yourselves. As if that weren’t bad enough, you know that with engine noise, people will be screaming as if the person on the other end is deaf.

This one can be filed in the “Ways to Make Flying Even More Painful” cabinet.

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2 comments on “Ryanair Will Let You Use Cell Phones

  1. It’s actually *better* when people are speaking in foreign languages — you can tune it out better, and you don’t know the personal stuff they are saying.

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