Eggs, Milk, and Air Berlin Tickets

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German supermarket Lidl will be running a promotion with Air Berlin at all their UK stores. For the week beginning September 5, customers will be able to buy £19 vouchers that can be turned in for a one way ticket on Air Berlin.

It’s a pretty interesting promotion, I think. According to The Guardian, there is a code on each voucher, and you can just enter it on the website or over the phone and it acts as the form of payment for the flight. It of course depends upon availability of the low fares on that flight, but I think everyone expects that.

They’ve tried this type of promotion with complete success before, so I wonder if it’s a matter of time before it becomes permanent.

It’s a great competitive advantage. The legacy carriers have fare structures that are too complicated for handing out free one way tickets. That’s why you see gift cards becoming popular over here. You can go to any Vons/Safeway/Dominick’s and many other places and buy a gift card for a variety of airlines.

But it’s not much fun to give someone a credit toward a flight. It’s a lot cooler if you can give someone two vouchers and say, “Here’s your trip to Spain.” Only low cost carriers with simple pricing structures can pull off something like that.

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1 comment on “Eggs, Milk, and Air Berlin Tickets

  1. Will Air Berlin play that Berlin song from Top Gun on continuous loop during all flights? That would really help to keep passengers happy.

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