No Northwest Strike Tonight, But . . .

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This afternoon a judge ruled that, well, he’s not ready to rule yet.

So he told the Northwest flight attendants they won’t be able to strike tonight at 10p Eastern as they originally planned. I haven’t seen a new date when a ruling is to be expected but it could be coming anyday I suppose.

You won’t hear much from me again until Monday. My girlfriend and I headed out today to visit her parents, but sadly our bag full of toiletries didn’t make it with us. Stay tuned for the rest of the story next week along with a full trip report.

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3 comments on “No Northwest Strike Tonight, But . . .

  1. I think it’s a front… Did you see this post? Very Brokeback Cockpit to me.

    “It was my favorite kind of flight. We took off into the marine layer, slicing through until seeing the brilliant morning sun turning the mountains golden. Then we headed east in deep blue skies, had a drink service, and then landed straight in to the east.”

  2. I know that it is unbelievable that he has a girlfriend. Who could put up his incessant talk about airlines. Well, I am that lucky girl!

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