2017 Flying Summary

There’s no question 2016 was a bad year for flying for me, but 2017 was so much better. The only thing 2017 lacked was a long haul trip. I surprised myself when I looked back to find that I haven’t left North America since May 2015. That’s going to change in 2018. Here’s the 2017 wrap. Let’s start with the visual, thanks to the Great Circle Mapper.

Miles: 37,306 (13,391 last year)
Segments: 43 (23 last year)
New Aircraft: 737-400 Combi, Cessna Grand Caravan (Amphib and Land), Piper Chieftain
New Airlines: Alaska Seaplanes, Makani Kai, Mokulele, PSA (smile-less regional version)
New Airports: Cancun, Cordova, Yakutat, Juneau, Angoon, Tenakee Springs, Petersburg, Wrangell, Ketchikan, Santa Rosa, Kalaupapa, Waimea
Most Common Aircraft: 737-700 and 737-400 (7 flights each)
Most Common Airline: Alaska (10 segments)
Most Common Airport: Los Angeles (10 departures/7 arrivals)
Most Common Non-Directional Route: Long Beach – Las Vegas (4 segments)

That was the highest number of flights in a year since the last time I actually worked for an airline, 2005, but so many of these were short. The shortest, of course, was Kalaupapa to Ho’olehua on topside Moloka’i at 9 miles, but I had an incredible 18 flights under 250 miles. (You can definitely thank my Milk Run on Alaska for a number of those.)

I flew to a bunch of new airports on some new (to me) small airlines flying new (again, to me) small airplanes. It was quite a year. But as I said, I haven’t left the continent in far too long. There’s already one trip planned with another under consideration. Let’s see what 2018 brings.

Now it’s your turn to put me to shame. How was your 2017?

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Not sure Hawai qualifies geographically as North America !

Hi Brett: This was a personal record for me. I flew 218,649 United miles and 79 segments on the airline. I also flew assorted other miles, including 9130 American Airlines miles, 3035 Delta Air Lines miles and 8906 Alaska Airlines miles. I know there some British Airways, Lufthansa and Aer Lingus miles, but I believe they were swept up into one of the four above. I think I had two Southwest flights when I was in Texas, but didn’t count them, and I had one Hawaiian Airlines flight coming back from Honolulu last February, but that also went uncredited. So,… Read more »

I wont be putting you to shame Cranky.

Took 4 trips this year:

STL-MCO-SJU-MCO-STL. 4,141 miles. All segments WN, 737-700.

STL-DEN-STL. 1,540 miles. Both segments WN, 737-700…again.

STL-ATL-CHS-ATL-STL. 1,487 miles. All segments DL. 3x md-88, 1 757-200.

STL-MIA-GCM-MIA-STL. 3,042 miles All segments AA. 3x A 319, 1x E-175 (Envoy).

New Airports: CHS, GCM. No new aircraft types.

Total miles: 10,208.

Bill in ATL

Which segment had the DL 757?


ATL-STL. Was originally an MD-90 and was pleasantly surprised when it was changed…especially in Economy +.


128,424 butt-in-seat composed of 125,392 Delta MQMs, 78,432 Southwest TQPs, 6,605 United PQM and 7622 American EQM.

Miles: 96,046 (100,515 last year) Segments: 144 (148 last year) New Aircraft: Augusta Westland 139, Bombardier CS 300, Fairchild Metroliner New Airlines: Aero4M, Air China, Air Europa, Air Mediterranean, Air Serbia, Alba Star, Albawings, Alitalia Cityliner, ASL Airlines Ireland, Avanti Air, CSA Czech Airlines, Easyjet Europe, Enter Air, Ernest, FlyOne, FlyViking, Gowair, Hainan Airlines, Helity, Helvetic, Israir, Jota Aviation, Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter, LOT, Luxair, North Flying, Norwegian Air UK, Plus Ultra, Qatar Airways, Small Planet, SprintAir, Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium, Thomson, Travel Service, TUS Airways, Ukraine International, XL Airways France New Airports: Algeciras, Antalya, Arad, Bastia, Belgrade, Biarritz, Bodø, Bolzano, Carcassonne,… Read more »

No non-revving, just a pile of soul-less flights for work….and a nice trip to LIH for a week of fun.


A record low of two round trips in 2017. Since retiring, I can say I don’t miss the hassle of flying. Only flew CVG-PHX via ATL and CVG-SMF via LAX with a return through SLC all on DL. Gotta burn those accumulated Skymiles up.

My Global Entry is up for renewal and I’m seriously thinking of saving the bucks by not renewing. There may be one international trip in 2018, but unless I fly more than a couple times a year, getting the domestic speed pass through security isn’t that big of deal.

David C
Unlike you, Cranky, just *getting* my wife to go through an airport with me is becoming so difficult as to possibly make that impossible for future flights. She’s headstrong, independent, and knows what to do even if I set up the travel arrangements. (sigh) Neither of us flew much when we were working, btw. Now that we are retired, we can fly more to visit friends and family back in the United States. 2017 was such a year. The rundown: UIO to MEX (layover) to LAX on Aeromexico, LAX to DEN, DEN to MDW, MDW to DTW, DTW to FLL… Read more »

For me, this year it was rather simple:
MNL-DPS, DPS-MNL (May 2017)
MNL-ICN (June 2017), ICN-MNL (July 2017)

Just two trips and four separate flights, but I’m not exactly a frequent flyer anyway (last year my only trips were MNL-HND/HND-MNL).

James Burke

Miles: 7,351
Segments: 10
New Aircraft: none
New Airlines: Flair Air
New Airports: YDF (Deer Lake NL)
Most Common Aircraft: 737-700 (3 Flights)
Most Common Airline: WestJet (5 segments)
Most Common Airport: Halifax (5 departures / 5 arrivals)
Most Common Non-Directional Route: Halifax – Hamilton (twice)

Terminal Wander

Busiest year for me ever.

Miles: 68,373 (27,405 last year)
Segments: 53 (34 last year)
New Aircraft: 777-300ER,747-800I,
New Airlines: Qatar, Swiss, Austrian
New Airports: DOH, BRU,ZRH, VIE
Most Common Aircraft: CRJ-700 (25) (the entire United/Mesa IAD Fleet)
Most Common Airline: United/Mesa
Most Common Airport: IAD
Most Common Non-Directional Route: IAD-PIT (14)


115,000. All Domestic. Most on United. A few on Delta.
87 segments this year with the most frequent airports being ORD and MCO.
Longest trip was SEA-MCO via Denver or SFO-MCO via EWR (my original flight via DEN was cancelled).


A quiet year for me. Only three trips (all on DL or DL regional partners):



Miles: 65,399
Segments: 38
New Aircraft: Sadly None
New Airlines: Qatar Airways, Mango, TAP, Frontier, Comair (South Africa)
Most Common Aircraft: 737-700 (10)
Most Common Airline: Southwest (15)
Most Common Airport: Nashville (20)
Most Common Non-Directional Route: BNA-PHX, BNA-LAX, BNA-DEN, ORD-ZRH, ZRH-OPO, TYS-ORD, JNB-CPT all tied with 2


I started a job with an airline this year… so I’m probably disqualified, but I definitely had my biggest year ever, at 93 segments, 110,000 miles, and dozens of new airports. FWIW, my son, aged 21 months, completed 79 segments and 84,000 miles this year. I have to wonder if that’s some sort of 1-year-old record… :)

P.S. I should probably point out that my job with the airlines is as a data analyst, so I fly a desk for work. Hence, almost all of those miles were for fun on the weekends, with just one short business trip thrown in.


What type of work does a data analyst do for an airline? Do you do work with SQL? I’m very curious!


I do some SQL work, yes. Some of my colleagues do even more.
I work on pretty typical data science tasks, cleaning and analyzing data, clustering and machine learning algorithms, etc. All in a revenue management context.


Flying mostly inside Brazil… Just one international trip to the United States, which included Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks… :)

Miles: 23,635 (62,245 last year)
Segments: 37 (42 last year)
New Aircraft: A320neo
New Airlines: Delta (!) – Burning some old Northwestern Skymiles
New Airports: Jackson Hole (JAC) , Salt Lake City (SLC), Jericoacoara (JJD)
Most Common Aircraft: Embraer 195 (12 segments)
Most Common Airline: LATAM (JJ) (15 segments)
Most Common Airport: Belo Horizonte (CNF) (13 departures / 13 arrivals)
Most Common Non-Directional Route: CNF-CGH (5)
Longest Flight: ATL-GIG (4,748 miles)
Shortest Flight: JAC-SLC (204 miles)

Miles: 185,193 (183,741 in 2016) // Segments: 167 (155 in 2016) // New Aircraft: None // New Airlines: Cape Air, Virgin America // New Airports: BTM (Binghamton, NY); COU (Columbia, MO); CTA (Cartagena, Colombia); LIT (Little Rock, AK); PRG (Prague, Czech Republic); SLK (Saranac Lake, NY); STA (Santa Rose, CA); TVC (Traverse City, MI) // New Routes (non-directional): AMS-LHR, AMS-PRG, AMS-SEA, ATL-CTG, ATL-LIT, BOS-SLK, BGM-DTW, COU-DFW, COU-ORD, IND-MCO, LGA-MCO, LIT-ORD, MCO-ORD, MCO-SLC, ORD-TVC, PHX-STS // Most Common Aircraft: Boeing 737 (71 segments) // Most Common Airline: American (102 segments) // Most Common Airport: ORD (91 total arrivals/departures) // Most Common… Read more »
John S

Glad you made it to my hometown airport: COU!

Paul Nikkel

Best year ever!
Miles: 264,166
Segments: 93
New Aircraft: A350, CS100
New Airlines: Emirates, Czech, Sri Lankan
Total Airlines: 19
Continents: 6
Longest Segment: SIN-SFO (8,440)
Shortest Segment: SIN-KUL (186)
Most Common Airline: Singapore Airlines (38 segments)
Most Common Airport: Changi Airport (Singapore, 22 departures and arrivals)

Jared Hanner
Happy New Year, Cranky! Miles: 58,664 (48,129 last year) Segments: 32 (33 last year) New Aircraft: Airbus A330-300 New Airlines: None New Airports: EDI (Edinburgh), PHL (Philadelphia), VCE (Venice-Marco Polo), DAL (Dallas-Love) Most Common Aircraft: 737-700/800 (15 flights) Most Common Airline: American (17 segments) Most Common Airport: LAX & Burbank (7 departures/7 arrivals each) Most Common Non-Directional Route: Burbank – Las Vegas (6 segments) This year, I was able to keep my American status and had to essentially do a mileage run to get $130 more EQD (I was OK with EQMs) and then got sent on a last minute… Read more »

Miles: 13,628
Segments: 15
New Aircraft: None
New Airlines: WestJet, Frontier
New Airports: SLC, YVR, YYZ, PDX, DAL
Most Common Aircraft: 737-700
Most Common Airline: Southwest
Most Common Airport: CVG
Most Common Non-Directional Route: CVG-MDW

Doug Swalen

I can beat that…in the wrong direction. Two trips to LAX and one trip to Oahu. That’s it. 2018 will be different for sure with at least one and possibly two overseas trips. Plus the requisite trips to Hawaii and LAX.


Miles: 229,171 (217,652 last year)
Segments: 119 (93 last year)
New Aircraft: A320neo, Saab 2000, Cessna Grand Caravan
New Airlines: Spring Airlines, Avianca, SKY Airline, PenAir, Asiana, Air New Zealand, Air Tahiti Nui, Mokulele, Virgin America
New Airports: PVG, LIM, CUZ, DUT, BUR, GMP, PPT
Most Common Aircraft: A330-200 (27 flights)
Most Common Airline: Hawaiian (58 segments)
Most Common Airport: HNL (35 departures/35 arrivals)
Most Common Non-Directional Route: HNL – LAX (12 segments)

Adrian in NZ



Miles: 26,556 (22,841 in 2016)
Segments: 23
New Aircraft: None
New Airlines: None
New Airports: None
Most Common Aircraft: 330-200 (4 segments)
Most Common Airline: United (9 segments)
Most Common Airport: LAX (6 departures/6 arrivals)
Most Common Non-Directional Route: (tie) LAX-HNL; ORD-CMH (3 segments)
Longest Segment: LAX-HNL (2,556 miles)
Shortest Segment: OGG-KOA (73 miles)

* LAX-HNL became LAX-OGG after a storm diversion on February 6; total reflects LAX-OGG, but there was a lot of circling O‘ahu before a rejected landing at HNL and a diversion to OGG, followed by two hours on the tarmac before finally being let off when the pilots reached their duty limits.

Jeremy Anderson

Looks like 27 flights for me this year. Just under 30k miles. I also was only able to say in the States (with a quick hop to British Columbia.)

This year let me fly YYJ-YVR for the shortest flight, I was able to fly Boutique Aire from OAK-MCE- LAX


Butt in Seat Miles Flown: 170,079

EQM’s: 271,174

Segments: 70 (65 paid, 5 award)

Carriers Flown: (7) AA, EY, QR, BA, HA, RJ, CX


Longest Segment: 8,390 Miles LAX-AUH on EY in J

Best Segment: HKG-LAX on CX in J

A busy year by my meager standards. 20,841 miles, 8 segments (9 if you count a diversion as two). New airports: SNA, PIT (diversion), DCA. New airlines: Virgin America, Southwest New Airplanes: A321neo, 787-8, 787-9 Most-flown airport: SFO or SJC (2 departures and 2 arrivals each). Most common airline (by segments): either United or Southwest (3 segments each) Most common airline (by miles): United (SFO-TLV-SFO, IAD-SFO) Most common non-directional segment: three-way tie between SFO-TLV, SJC-RNO, and SJC-SNA (2 segments each). Most common aircraft: 737-700 (3 segments) I’m probably looking at three or four trips in 2018, with one to BWI,… Read more »

Total Miles: 45,317 total
Miles Non-Rev: 14,613 (sky pesos for the win)
Segments: 38
Countries: 6
New Airports: VIE, CLT, SNA, AMS
New Aircraft: None
New Airlines: KLM
Most Common Aircraft: 757-200
Most Common Airline: Delta – 32 segments
Most Common Airport (destination): LAX
Shortest Flight: 304 miles ATL-LEX
Longest Flight: 4210 miles MSP-CDG

A little above average year for me, if there is an average. Most surprising to me was how much was on award tickets.

Carl Anderson

Miles – 62,072 (75,222 in 2016)
Segments – 61 (73 in 2016)
New Aircraft – 77L
New Airports – FCO, VCE, AMS
New Airline – KLM
Most Common Airline – Delta (58)
Most Common Airport – SLC
Most Frequent Routes – LAX-SLC, SLC-ABQ
Most Common Aircraft – E175

Michael G

Total Miles: 7,738 (including a weekend RT tomorrow)
Segments: 14
Countries: 2
New Airports: MKE, AZO, YQB, CHS
New Aircraft: None
New Airlines: None
Most Common Aircraft: CRJ200 & E145 (4x each)
Most Common Airline: Delta – 6 segments
Most Common Airport: EWR
Shortest Flight: 113 miles DTW-AZO
Longest Flight: 997 miles EWR-TPA

Up a segment from last year but down on mileage by 15%.


This year was a record-breaker for me – supersonics can’t arrive fast enough!

Miles: 224,485 (146,355 last year)
Segments: 118 (92 last year)
New Aircraft: –
Most Common Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 (16 segments)
Most Common Airline: United (39 segments)
Most Common Airport: Denver (56 movements)
Most Common Non-Directional Route: DEN-SFO (8 segments)
Shortest flight: EYW-MIA
Longest flight: DXB-SFO


Miles: 19,807 (27,602 last year)
Segments: 14 (14 last year)
New Aircraft: A330-200, ATR72-500
New Airlines: TAP Portugal, Aer Lingus, Darwin Airline (for Alitalia)
New Airports: Lisbon, Dublin, Pisa
Airlines Flown: American (&Eagle by PSA), TAP Portugal, Aer Lingus, Alitalia, Darwin Airline (for Alitalia)
Most Common Airport: Rome-Fiumicino (3 years in a row) & BOS
Most Common Route: Multiple 2 time segments: PVD-CLT-MLB, BOS-LIS, BOS-DUB
Longest Flight: TP217 Lisbon-Boston
Shortest Flight: AZ1667 Rome-Fiumicino-Pisa


Most interesting flight: The bulkhead on AA 463 fell from in front of the L2 exit on pushback from CLT, we wound up returning to the gate and taking a 1 hour delay to find a new aircraft.


My biggest year yet. 43,619 miles, 41 segs. Mostly AS/VX/AA.

New airports: ASE, JAC, MMH, MSY, AUS, HND, YYC.


My adventure was that I went from San Diego’s Brown Field via charter C-210 to Cedros Island BC for a fishing trip with 3 others.

Going MX Customs in TJ return in Ensenada. Caught lots of Yellow Tail too.


Miles: 206,815 (160,512 last year)
Segments: 250 (230 last year)
New Aircraft: Airbus A340-600, McDonnell Douglas MD-83, Boeing 737-600, Airbus A350-900, Sukhoi Superjet 100/95, de Havilland Canada DHC-8-100
New Airlines: Lufthansa, Jin Air, Southern Airways Express, Allegiant Air, WestJet, Air Japan, Piedmont Airlines, Asiana Airlines
New Airports: YGJ, HKD, MGW, SIN, FRA, BMA, SBY
Most Common Aircraft: McDonnell Douglas MD-88 (51 flights)
Most Common Airline: Delta Air Lines (151 segments)
Most Common Airport: ATL (55 departures/55 arrivals)
Most Common Non-Directional Route: ATL-DAY (63 segments)


58456 Miles 49 segments New aircraft – 787-900 New Airlines – 0 New airports – RDU, ANC Most common aircraft – 737-800 14 trips Most common airline – AA Most common Airport – DFW Most common segment – DFW-BNA


Miles: 16,272
Segments: 13
New aircraft: B737-MAX, B787-9, E-175
New airlines: Alaska (yes, really, I’d never flown them before)
New airports: OMA, PDX
Most common aircraft: tie – A321 and E-175 (3 segments each)
Most common airline: American (4 segments)
Most common airport: DFW (3 departures, 3 arrivals)
Most common route: none; all 13 segments were unique
Most interesting (almost) trip: I booked all 3 segments of the Southwest “Texas Triangle” on the inaugural run of the 737-MAX, but had to fly home from HOU after the brand-new plane broke down while waiting to depart for its second leg to SAT :(


Miles: 49,090 (54,379 last year)
Segments: 46
New Aircraft: None
New Airlines: British Airways
New Airports: RDU, PWM, LIR, SJO
Most Common Aircraft: 737
Most Common Airline: United (41 segments)
Most Common Airport: IAH
Most Common Non-Directional Route: IAH-CVG


30 segments
44846 miles

New Airline – KLM
New Airports – AMS, TXL, BRU, MDW
No new aircraft types :(

David M

Miles: 52,182 (39,566 last year)
Segments: 22 (16 last year)
New Aircraft: Avro RJ100, 737-900ER (have previously flown on non-ER 737-900)
New Airlines: British Airways, Brussels Airlines, Far Eastern Air Transport, Mandarin Airlines
New Airports: Colorado Springs, Magong, Taipei-Songshan, Warsaw
Most Common Aircraft: A320 (6 flights)
Most Common Airline: Southwest Airlines (5 segments)
Most Common Airport: San Diego (5 departures/5 arrivals)
Most Common Non-Directional Route: San Diego – Baltimore (2 segments)


142 Segments, 340,800 miles, 20 airlines


Miles: 117,697 (117, 071 last year)
Segments: 97 (103 last year)
New Aircraft: A330,-300 B777-300, and Diamond DA20 (Non-commercial).
New Airlines: Swiss, Air China (Never again), and Air Asia.
New Airports: Flughafen Zurich, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok Don Mueang Airport, Beijing Capitol Airport, Phuket International Airport.
Most Common Aircraft: 737-800 and 900.
Most Common Airline: United
Most Common Airport: Chicago O’Hare (Probably +80x this year).
Most Common Non-Directional Route: ORD-SFO
Longest Flight: PRK-ORD
Shortest Flight: ORD-FWA
*Heaviest Travel Month: July – 27,475 miles


*Correction* Longest Flight: PEK-ORD

southbay flier

Miles: ~84,000 (~100,000 last year)
Segments: 58 (84 last year)
New Aircraft: A380
New Airline: QF
New Airport: DXB
Most Common Aircraft: E175.
Most Common Airline: DL
Most Common Airport: SJC
Most Common Non-Directional Route: SJC-SEA
Longest Flight: SLC-LHR
Shortest Flight: SEA-PDX

This year was helped by a round-the-world adventure, which gave me quite a few new airports and airlines… Miles: 58,382 (34,241 last year) Segments: 60 (16 last year) New Aircraft: Boeing 787-8/9 New Airlines: Alaska, Fiji Airways, Tiger Air Australia, Qantas, Emirates, Air New Zealand, Thai, Indonesia/Thai AirAsia, VietJet Air, Jetstar Pacific, Cathay Dragon, Jet Airways, Air India, Gulf Air, Egypt Air, Royal Jordanian, Pegasus Airlines, Wizz Air, Sansa Airline New Airports: ONT, SEA, SAN, NAN, SYD, CNS, ADL, CHC, AKL, BNE, BKK, CGK, DPS, SIN, CNX, DMK, REP, SGN, DAD, HAN, HKG, CCU, DEL, JDH, BOM, BAH, CAI, ASW,… Read more »

Miles: 18,359 (last year: 16,483)
Segments: 11 (9)
New Aircraft: none
New Airlines: none
New Airports: Chicago Midway (MDW), Oakland (OAK)
Most Common Aircraft: 737-700 (7 segments) [all 737: 10]
Most Common Airline: Southwest (10 segments)
Most Common Airport: Los Angeles (3 departures, 4 arrivals)
Most Common Non-Directional route: Los Angeles–Kansas City (4 segments)

I was scheduled to fly on a 737 Max 8 (from an airport and city I had never been to), but the entire trip was canceled.

John S

AA sent out a really cool year end summary this month. I knew flew 64 flights on AA which I think also includes oneworld partners, but I was surprised to see I spent 133 hours in the air and went around the world 3 times. Not bad considering my tiny airport in Missouri only has a few flights a day.

See AA’s cool summary via the link below:


Hi Brett, For me a paltry 24 segments in 2017 reflecting my giving up the road warrior life but I’ve definitely replaced quantity by quality. Made 10 new airports (taking my lifetime total up to 143) plus 8 new airlines (including Air Baltic, Hainan, NoRRA,Ukranian, InterJet, Alaskan and – the real hipster of the bunch – a Belavia B735 from Minsk to St. Petersburg). The only new aircraft in 2017 was an AeroMexico E190 – taking a lifetime total of 59 variants. I did make it to my 62nd country this year after forking out a small fortune for Russian,… Read more »
My segments stat is a bit inflated due to the number of training flights I did to earn my private pilot certificate during the first half of the year, otherwise it was an average year commercially. Miles: 120,161 (134,919 last year) Segments: 282 (111 last year) New Aircraft (19): ATR42-600, Boeing 767-400, Beechcraft King Air 300, Cessna 152, Cessna 162, Cessna R182, Comac ARJ21, Sukhoi Superjet 100, Maule M-7, De Havilland DHC-3, De Havilland DHC-6-100, De Havilland DHC-8-200, De Havilland DHC-8-300, Consolidated B-24, Robinson R66, Fairchild PT-19, RLU-1 Breezy, Hawker 400XP, Sikorsky S-76 New Airlines (20): Interjet, Aeromar, Blue Air,… Read more »

This year was quite good for me :-)

Miles: 20,315 (12,457 last year)
Segments: 18 (12 last year)
New Aircraft: A320neo (LH)
New Airlines: Croatia (OU), Asiana (OZ), Korean (KE)
New Airports: Seoul Incheon (ICN), Seoul Gimpo (GMP), Jeju (CJU), Pusan (PUS), Osaka (KIX), Hong Kong (HKG), Karlsruhe (FKB), Dubrovnik (DBV), Zagreb (ZAG)
Most Common Aircraft: A320 (7 segments)
Most Common Airline: Lufthansa (LH) (8 segments)
Most Common Airport: Frankfurt (FRA) (3 departures / 3 arrivals)

Best flights: LH MUC-ICN & HKG-MUC both on A340-600, my most favourite plane.


Miles: 73,906
Segments: 139
New Aircraft: A333, B789, SF34
New Airlines: Air France, Avianca Brasil (O6), Silver Airways (3M)
New Airports: AGS, BHM, CDG, DTW, MCI, MCZ
Most Common Aircraft: MD88 (32 Segments)
Most Common Airline: Delta (123 Segments)
Most Common Airport: ATL (105 Arrivals/Departures)
Most Common Non-Directional Route: RDU-ATL (54 Arrivals/Departures)
Longest Flight: GRU-JFK (4,767 miles)
Shortest Flight: ATL-CSG (83 miles)