3 Links I Love: How Yesterday’s Trump Meeting Went, Island Air the Accordion, Eastern Crash Remains a Mystery

This week’s featured link:
Subject: Pool report #1 airline meetingPublic Pool
Wondering what happened in the Trump/Airline CEO meeting yesterday? Well, the White House press pool was there for the beginnin and this is the report. Probably best not to read it. Not only does Trump think the airports give the airlines bad equipment, he thinks air traffic control is “out of whack,” and he thinks a pilot should run the FAA. (He knows a guy who is an expert, apparently.) Apparently things got better after this, but it all sounds like lip service to me.

Two for the Road:
Island Air Announces Flight Expansion PlansIslandAir.com
Island Air is doing the best impression of a yo-yo I’ve ever seen from an airline. The airline flew small Dash 8s for years, but then it tried to grow with Q400s. That didn’t work, and it was bought by Larry Ellison, also owner of Lana’i. The airline re-fleeted with ATRs and focused around Lana’i. Then that didn’t work so it started going back to other interisland routes. Now, it’s bringing back the Q400s and trying to grow in big interisland markets again. It seems like there should be some opportunity here with only one real competitor, yet somehow, Island Air has never been able to figure it out.

Eastern Airlines Mystery Continues: ‘We Were Close’ABC News
Son of a motherless goat. Remember that story I posted awhile back about someone finding the black box on the mysterious Eastern crash in Bolivia 30 years ago? They finally were able to get through the red tape and have someone read it. Well, it wasn’t the black box. The magnetic tape they found was a copy of the old show I Spy. Time to head back to the mountain….

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