Dorkfest is Only 3 Weeks Away

If you were thinking about buying a ticket to come out for Crankyspotting Dorkfest on September 17 this year, then today is the day to do it. We’re three weeks away and that means this is the last day you can buy one of those cheap 21-day advance purchase fares.

Dorkfest really does sell itself. Just show up at the In-N-Out at LAX at 11am and stick around for a couple hours to watch airplanes. This was from last year.


As an added bonus, remember all that swag that Southwest employees gave me during my 9 Airports, 1 Day adventure? (Trip report coming next week, by the way.) Well, I’m going to be giving out a lot of that stuff to those who join me on the 17th.

As a reminder, there is no set program or anything like that. This is just an opportunity to get together, watch airplanes, and talk shop in a very casual setting. I hope to see you there on September 17 from 11 to 1.

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