Big Improvements in Subscriptions and Comments

Yes, it’s a rare Wednesday post, but we’re not talking airlines today. Today I have some good news about improvements in subscriptions and comments now that I’m best testing Postmatic 2.0 on this site. It’s awesome, and here’s what’s happening.

If you don’t get the free email, you’ll now have even more reasons to do it.

New Digest Subscription
In addition to sending posts out as they go live, there is now a weekly digest option. When you subscribe on the site, you’ll get an email entitled “Please select your subscription.” Reply with “instant” to get them when they go live or with “digest” to get a weekly summary. The weekly email will provide post snippets from the previous week every Sunday morning at 3:45am PT.

Faster Emails
Emails are now sending faster. The new system should have everything out within a few minutes of the post going live at 3:45am PT each day there’s a post.

Easier Unsubscribe
If you’re a subscriber, you’ll see that instead of only being able to respond with “unsubscribe,” you can now also just click the link at the bottom of the email to make it happen.

Comment with Facebook or Twitter Accounts
If you’d like, you can now use your Twitter or Facebook account to leave a comment on the blog. You can still fill out details the old way if you want. This is just another option.

Better Replies via Email
You’ll still be able to reply to a comment via email, but now you’ll see a “reply” link next to every comment. You no longer have to worry if you’re replying to the right comment via email. Just click the link and it’ll open a new email with the right address ready to go.

Hopefully you like all these changes. They should all be for the better. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. And remember, if you want to subscribe, you’ll see the sign-up box in the sidebar to the right of this post as well as in a box below.

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