Cranky on the Web – Eliminating Turbulence, Planning a Company Retreat

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This was really fun to research. I looked into the different technologies being used to help eliminate turbulence. Pretty fascinating stuff, actually.

In the Trenches: Planning a Company RetreatSmall Business Center
It’s time for our annual Cranky Concierge gathering, and I’m debating the best way to put it together this year.

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As a flight attendant I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Planes have become so incredibly sophisticated, yet it frustrates me that this kind of technology has been so long in coming. Nothing frightens me more on an airplane and nothing frightens the passengers more. No matter if you believe in global warming or not, it is obviously happening more frequently. The problem is, I don’t care if they assure me over and over that the aircraft has been put through test after test to prove that an enormous amount of wing flex can be taken in severe… Read more »
Leslie in Oregon
I was a Pan Am flight attendant/purser for 8 years in the 1970’s, working on 747’s and, at first, some 707’s, on long international flights everywhere in the world. In all those hours of flying, I rarely experienced any discernible turbulence and never experienced severe turbulence. (In those days, it was hijackings that frightened crew.) I assumed that urbulence was never an issue because I was flying mostly on heavy jets, cruising at relatively high altitudes (at or above 38,000 feet), with very experienced and diligent pilots. I wonder what factors have combined to make your experience with turbulence (“…[o]n… Read more »
The annual retreat is a grand idea and I’m sure that it is worth the expense. To keep the business running during your event, I’d suggest: 1) Finding a fun/comfortable venue with known excellent cell and web access. 2) Take your telecom expert with you (yourself or otherwise). 3) Have several cell phones and laptops AND CHARGERS in the retreat kit, all loaded with the numbers and links that your staff uses. 4) Take turns ‘running the business’ during your meetings and after hours, much like you already do. IOW, the ‘working staff’ participates in meetings until services are necessary,… Read more »
David SF eastbay

How many employees do you have? You can all get together in a central location and then you can have two meetings with half the employees attending each one. That has people working and gives you the evening to all join in for social time or even a little work chat.