Cranky Concierge is Hiring a Travel Architect

Cranky Concierge keeps growing, and that means it’s time for us to hire again. We’re looking for another Travel Architect to join the team. What does a Travel Architect do? Well, this job is mostly about searching for and booking flights, hotels, and more. (Paid tickets, not using miles.) But honestly, we’re just growing quickly, and we need someone to join the team and be able to really help in a lot of different ways. I’ve put a job description up at Have a look, and if you or anyone you know is interested, then read the details on how to send them our way.

EDIT: We are currently well into the interview process and are suspending applications. I’ll put another update if we reopen them.

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9 Comments on "Cranky Concierge is Hiring a Travel Architect"

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James Burke

Sounds like a fun job – I feel like I am doing this for people around the office all the time… Why must I brag about how little I pay when I travel…


Congratulations on your business’ success. I hope it continues long into the future.




I would LOVE this job..but I am moving to the UK in two weeks. Let me know if you need someone who can be awake at crazy hours for PT, and someone who can help clients already in Europe!


From what I know, there’s probably only one person in the world who possesses all the skills you’re looking for. And, I think you already have him…YOU!

“Common sense ability” and someone who will “like dealing with people and understanding what they need….” For this today, your pool of prospects might not be too large.

Good Luck, anyway!


“Must be able to roll with the punches and maintain calm demeanor. Some clients are easier than others, but this is a customer service business so they all need to be treated well.”

At an outfit named Cranky Concierge I would have expected that moderate to intense crankiness is a prerequisite ;)

jonathan reed

I didn’t know you offer “travel architect” services. I have used you happily for booking award flights and when I see your website you seem to be all about airline flights. What is the “more” you do in addition to flights and hotels? If I want to go to Italy and see a marble cutting and polishing operation, can you do that?