Cranky on the Web (June 17 – 21)

In the Trenches: The Good and Bad Sides of CRM IntegrationIntuit Small Business Blog
I think we’ve found our CRM solution, but I’m still hesitating a little.

4 Responses to Cranky on the Web (June 17 – 21)

  1. Have you talked to anyone who uses the new system you are looking at to see what they think. I guess you shouldn’t do a google search for this :-)

  2. CF says:

    David – Hah, yes. I haven’t spoken with users directly but I have researched it thoroughly online.

  3. Oliver says:

    For me the bigger concern (compared to the one you list, that you choose to leave Google Apps) would be: what happens if the CRM vendor stops developing/supporting the product. Can you easily switch to something else? Can you get your data?

    • CF says:

      Oliver – Yeah, that is a big concern. Fortunately you can export your data at any time. Should work just fine in that regard.

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