A Note on Comments Not Showing Up

I’ve received a few notes lately saying that comments had been posted but they weren’t showing up on the site. Are they being blocked? The answer is no, well, not on purpose.

I use Akismet to help block spam, and this is a good thing. The amount of spam thrown at my site is absurd. Just since yesterday when the last post went live, there have been more than 600 spam comments posted and Akismet has caught them. Unfortunately, some legitimate comments have been caught in there as well. It’s been worse lately for some reason, and that has me going in once or twice a day to clear out the legitimate comments. I just cleared a big batch this morning.

The best way to get your comment live, however, is to email me if you have a problem. Send me a note at cf@crankyflier.com and I’ll go in and clear it as soon as I have a chance. I’m hoping this is just a temporary problem, because comments are what make this whole thing fun for me.

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3 Comments on "A Note on Comments Not Showing Up"

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Doug Swalen

Odd…the comment I just posted prior to this didn’t show up…




….yeah, I tried multiple times yesterday trying to post remarks. NOTHING showed up, thought I was blocked. Sorry I called you a &^%$$*.

thanks for clarification!