Cranky on the Web (December 4 – 9)

In the Trenches: What to Give Employees for the Holidays?Intuit Small Business Blog
It’s holiday time, and that means it’s time to figure out the best gift to give to those who contribute to the success of the business. But what should it be?

Surviving the holiday travel season Cranky styleThe Madeleine Brand Show on KPCC
I had a fun chat with Madeleine about airplane etiquette. You can listen here.

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Sanjeev M

I was never really into this Christmas/Holiday gift giving. I guess its a good idea for the Concierge though. Something travel related would be good. Find em some fare sales to Vegas :)

David SF eastbay
It’s been years since work gave out gifts and had big lavish holiday parties. When it was just a couple of hundred of us, things were first class all the way. Now that we are in the thousands, nothing is done. Thursday a coworkers said they had to leave on time since they were going to the wifes company holiday party and I commented that I didn’t think any company did that anymore. They are a company of 18 so I guess small company’s may still do something this time of year for employees. When I was a kid my… Read more »