Topic of the Week: Your Favorite Denver Airport Conspiracy

DEN - Denver

If you don’t watch the Colbert Report, you’re missing out on some quality, hard-hitting journalism about the airline industry. Case in point: this clip about one man’s belief that there is a giant penis conspiracy at the Denver airport.

This is just too awesome, and it’s by far my favorite of all the many Denver Airport conspiracy theories. What’s yours?

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8 comments on “Topic of the Week: Your Favorite Denver Airport Conspiracy

  1. My personal favourite is the broken windshields from debris strikes in high winds that were allegedly caused by some kind of electomgnetic field device in the basement.

  2. I love the folks who truly believe the runway layouts were intentionally designed like a Swastika. (The design really intended to maximize aircraft operations around the free standing concourses and unlimited space)

    I wonder if anyone over the drafting table joked that someone would be nuts enough to think that, and now it’s one of the key elements of the conspiracy.

  3. One of my favorite is that there are some tunnels and strange machinery running out from DIA toward the mountains. There are even some people around here that claim to have worked on it. What I find really interesting however is that there are conspiracies surrounding an airport. It’s an interesting rhetorical and sociological issue; that the trust in anything government is so low that everything related to the government is couched in black ops and hidden motives.

    1. The long underground tunnels, etc. were the by-product of the failed United automated baggage handling experiment. But the baggage still has to get to the planes somehow.

      Overall just hilarious. Colbert is too good.

      1. Oh I’ve talked to these people… not willingly mind you.. and they draw a clear difference between the baggage tunnels (north-south) and the “secret tunnels” (east-west). Some even claim there is an underground link to NORAD in Colorado Springs.

        1. Correct. they claim there are enormous “containment” centers on site. This due to the amount of earth moved and various contractors all doing different things. (Grading is normal for any giant project, especially runways…)

          Look up Westword’s history of articles dating back to the 90s. Interesting stuff…

  4. This is just another attempt to discredit conspiracy theorists who get too close to the truth. Although mildly funny, this skit pokes fun at the Denver Airport phallic theory, which is out there even for me. You can laugh but there are burried buildings, masonic symbols, heat reflecting (bizzare roofs), a dedication by the New World Airport Commission (which does not exist), Apocalyptic murals- just what I want to see when I land at Denver, Gargoyles coming out of suit-cases. Really research the history and building of this airport. If nothing else, they wasted a phenomenal amount of money on an unneeded airport – that’s not funny! But it is a conspiracy.

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