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Airport guide: Surviving LAXCNN Out of the Office
This week, I give some tips and tricks on getting through LAX, my hometown airport. It’s a nightmare for a lot of people, but it’s been home to me for years.

Air travel tax refund procedure still fuzzyCNN Out of the Office
It was a double CNN week as the editors decide to move forward next week’s post on tax refunds to go this week instead.

Fliers won’t get air travel tax refundCNN Out of the Office
And it became a triple week, when I had to update this after Congress made the taxes retroactive and decided the no refunds would be given.

Ontario officials concerned over continued dropoffs of passengers, flights at ONTInland Valley Daily Bulletin
I was asked to comment on the continuing decline of traffic at Ontario airport. Really not the most accurate quotes, so let me clarify. Southwest isn’t cutting two more routes from Ontario in January – it’s reducing frequency on two more routes (Phoenix and Vegas). I also have no idea what that AirTran quote even means.

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