Cranky on the Web (July 5 – 8)

Summer travel: Watch out for amateursCNN Out of the Office
This was a fun one to write. Just a few tips for those road warriors who have to navigate family travel during the busy summer. I love kids, but flying in a tube for many hours with them isn’t ideal for anyone.

In the Trenches: Building a Corporate Culture over EmailIntuit Small Business Blog
It’s not easy to build a culture when everyone is remote.

San Bernardino airport nearing commercial service, officials sayRedlands Daily Facts
I commented that I don’t see much of a near term future for San Bernardino Airports in its quest for commercial service . . . not unless they want to start paying.

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B.E. Ward

re: CNN article

Tip #1 should’ve been “Remember you were a child once.”

How quickly people become irritated by the generation that can’t control themselves yet, without realizing that they were once the crying baby or antsy toddler in a plane.


…And if your kids have grown up – remember how much effort it used to be trying to keep them under control, and how embarrasing it could be when they couldnt stop crying no matter how hard you tried

David SF eastbay

San Bernardino will take time to become know and used, except for airlines like RyanAir who people to the ‘big’ cities and land them 100 miles away.


Are you saying that we should give up the ability to recline our seat, just to avoid the small chance that a child will kick the seat? What are the odds that a child will sit behind you, anyway? And while parents might not be able to keep their kids from crying, any parent should be able to stop their kid from kicking, and if they can’t, or won’t, then call a flight attendant.

D G @ Holiday Ideas

Why on earth toddlers should be allowed to annoy an entire flight is beyond me – if airlines really wanted to show they cared they could allocate a seperate class and comparmtnent for “scream class” where parents can all enjoy the antics of thier little darlings.


San Bernardino International Airport…
…as soon as the airport completes its U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility, a requirement for international flights…

Don’t you kind of need US CBP in order to be an “International Airport”. Heck SNA only *just* got CBP, and then only for Canadian pre-cleared flights.


You don’t need CBP for pre-cleared flights.


Actually, I believe you still need CBP on call, just in case a pre-cleared passenger requires additional screening.


Possibly unrelated, but
do you have any comments on

It seems European airlines, much more regulated than US ones (tarmac delay rules, much more stringent passenger rights bill, compensation even for weather-caused delays and cancellations and so on) manage to charge much lower prices than in the US.