Cranky on the Web (February 28 – March 4)

In the Trenches: Turnover HurtsIntuit Small Business Blog
We had someone leave Cranky Concierge in the last couple weeks and that has made things difficult in the short run.

If you want better airline service, vote with your walletCNN Out of the Office
It’s easy to complain, but if you really want to see airline service and policies change, vote with your wallet.

Save Yourself (a Bundle): The Day of Ultra Low Cost Airlines Is DawningBNET Headwinds
With low cost carriers moving upmarket, the day of the ultra cost carrier may finally be here. Think Ryanair blanketing the US.

Rules to Encourage Airfare Ad Disclosure May Make Things WorseBNET Headwinds
New rules to require fee disclosure in airline ads might just make things more confusing than they already are.

Southwest Computer Meltdown Uncharacteristically Left Travelers In the DarkBNET Headwinds
Southwest had a computer meltdown when the time came to switch over to its new frequent flier program. But the strange thing was that their communication with the public was virtually non-existent. It was very strange.

In the Trenches: Managing from the RoadIntuit Small Business Blog
I’ve spent the last week and a half on the road and that makes it hard to keep the business running.

Southwest recovers from 2 glitches, snarled flightsChicago Tribune
I spoke with the Chicago Tribune about Southwest’s lack of communication during its recent meltdown.

Why Southwest Went Silent During a Meltdown: It Didn’t Want to Make Things WorseBNET Headwinds
I spoke with Southwest after the computer melt down to find out why the airline chose the strategy it did. I still have trouble with the path they’ve chosen.

Travel Insurance: The Revolution Won’t Be CoveredBusiness Week
I was asked about travel insurance, and in general, I find the policies rarely cover what you want them to.

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