A Big Week for Cranky: Flightglobal Webbies and CNN.com

It’s a rare Wednesday post here on Cranky, but there has been some big news around these parts that I wanted to share. The first piece of news is that Cranky Flier was just named the Blog of the Year for 2010 by Flightglobal in its annual Webbies. I was told an official badge was on its way, but alas, it hasn’t arrived in my inbox. So I used my famously terrible Photoshop skills to create my own monstrosity.

Webbies Blog of the Year

Nice, huh? Thanks to Flightglobal and the judges, Mary Kirby (aka Runway Girl) and Addison Schonland (IAG) for picking Cranky. And congrats to pilot site MzeroA and friend o’ the blog, Airline Reporter for joining me on the pedestal.

The other big piece of news is that this week marked my first column for CNN.com. I’ll be writing the weekly “Out of the Office” column for business travelers until they decide they don’t like me anymore. For my first topic, I picked a particularly controversial one:

Why airline fees are good for travelers

So far, there are more than 300 comments, many of them calling me an idiot, moron, or of course, shill for the airlines. And they say civil discourse is dead . . . . Hopefully as the column matures, so will the commenters and we can get some good, substantial discussion over there. Come on by every Monday at cnn.com/travel to join in.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a regular Thursday post. Thanks to all of you for helping make Cranky what it is today.

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