Cranky on the Web (January 10-14)

Southwest Learns the Dangers of Unbridled Enthusiasm With Its Frequent Flier RelaunchBNET Headwinds
Southwest is excited about its new frequent flier program, and it should be, but not everyone feels the same way. Southwest, however, isn’t acknowledging that and it really should.

Making Your Travel Agenda More EfficientIntuit Small Business Blog
One way to save money is by being smart with your travel budget, but you can also save money be just being more efficient with how you spend your time traveling.

Airlines vs. Airports: Virgin Atlantic Stiffs Heathrow After Icy ShutdownBNET Headwinds
Virgin Atlantic is withholding all landing fees from Heathrow until it knows the result of the inquiry into what happened during the snow storm in December. This is not a great plan.

In the Trenches: Going CorporateIntuit Small Business Blog
We’ve ramped up our small business efforts at Cranky Concierge, and it’s already paying off.

Southwest Keeps ‘Em Happy, but Its Late Flights Are Starting to Stack UpBNET Headwinds
Southwest is not running the best operation these days, but its reputation keeps people happy anyway. I don’t know how long that can continue if things don’t improve.

Cranky Flier Radio Interview With Brett SnyderAsk Mr Credit Card
I spent 90 minutes doing an interview with Ask Mr Credit Card about the industry. We talked a lot about current events and some of my personal background. If you’ve got time to kill . . .

JetBlue Blames Airport Construction for Late Flights. Um, NoBNET Headwinds
JetBlue is another airline that’s been struggling to run on time, and the excuse has been airport delays. I’m not so convinced.

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