Topic of the Week: Posting Schedule

When I first dropped down to 3 posts a week, I said I’d revisit it after the end of the year. Well here we are, and I’ve decided that I’m sticking with the change. I would love to write Cranky more often, but after looking through the surveys (thanks for filling those out) and talking to a bunch of people, I’ve come to the point where I just don’t see how I can really increase revenue enough to justify me taking time away from other projects that can pay. I’ve got to make a living, so I’m sticking with the 3 day a week Cranky schedule.

I am still writing daily over on BNET ( so if you’re really missing Cranky on Wednesday and Friday, you can come over there as well. I try to get those up in the mornings but sometimes it can take a lot longer to go through the edit process.

I’ll keep putting discussion topics up on Fridays, and I hope that in the future I’ll have things in order to the point where I can ramp back up here to go daily on Cranky. Until then, I’ll stick with Monday/Tuesday/Thursday and I hope you keep reading.

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