Cranky on the Web (December 6-10)

Boeing’s Response to the Airbus A320 Revamp Is Simple: NothingBNET Headwinds
Now that Airbus has decided to re-engine the A320, Boeing has to decide what to do. I don’t think we’ll see anything for awhile.

Silver Lining: A380 Grounding Helps Qantas Maintain Its Safety ReputationBNET Headwinds
The A380 grounding has been a mess for Qantas, but in the end is does help it keep a strong safety reputation.

How Southwest Could Deploy a Larger 737 for Greater Profits in New MarketsBNET Headwinds
Now that the 737-800 is all but a done deal for Southwest, it’s time to think about where those airplanes are going. I’ve got a good idea myself.

In the Trenches: Looking Beyond the Customer for RevenueIntuit Small Business Blog
This talks about our decision to start booking travel via Cranky Concierge and why we did it.

Southwest’s Performance Problem: How to Fix Those Late ArrivalsBNET Headwinds
Southwest didn’t have the best month for on time arrivals in October and it looks like some bigger changes may be required to get back on track thanks to a changing model.

How to Set a Travel Policy for Your BusinessIntuit Small Business Blog
Talking about a travel policy is not usually at the top of the list for small businesses, but it should be. Here are some ideas for getting started.

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Southwest says: Record load factors during the month contributed to our decisions to delay aircraft and hold for Customers who we wouldn’t have been able to accommodate if we had cancelled flights. That’s not exactly satisfying. It makes it sound like Southwest is just going to have a worse operation because it has more people on its flights. But that’s not acceptable, so I asked for a follow-up. ======================================================== I’d be interested to know the load factors for all these carriers for the month of OCTOBER and then compare it to this statement of Record Load Factors caused them to… Read more »

Travel policies: Maybe it’s just the few places I’ve worked in, but I find that giving employees maximum freedom works great. For example, I know that spending more on travel means fewer (desirable) travel opportunities for me and my colleagues, and thus I have a positive incentive to economize and be happy about it. Letting the traveler do what they want may just be the best option, as long as the travel assignments are structured in a way to make employees want what’s best for the business.