Sun Country to Fly 737s to London

Holy head scratcher, Batman. Minneapolis-based Sun Country has decided to go intercontinental this summer with a flight from Minneapolis to London. There are so many odd things about this announcement that I’m just trying to find a good reason for this flight to exist.

Sun Country Goes to Gander

Sun Country will fly once a week on Fridays from Minneapolis to London/Stansted on a 737-800. In case you were wondering, that plane can’t make it nonstop so they’ll be putting down in Gander. I’m sure the locals will be thrilled to see some action again. The plane will then spend the day in London and will fly back on Sunday, presumably so the same crew can bring the plane back after having enough rest. The flight times are pretty rough going out but just fine coming back:

Sun Country 47 Lv Minneapolis 440p Arr Gander 1055p
Sun Country 47 Lv Gander 1155p Arr Stansted 810a (Saturday morning)

Sun Country 48 Lv Stansted 12n Arr Gander 2p
Sun Country 48 Lv Gander 3p Arr Minneapolis 455p

You can forget about getting any sleep on that flight out. On the way back, it’s not much different than what you’ll get elsewhere.

I spoke with Sun Country spokesperson Heidi Bausch and she confirmed that these flights will only serve passengers between Minneapolis and London. No local traffic will be allowed to or from Gander. (Sorry guys; you were probably getting excited.) Also, there will be no customs/immigration pre-clearance in Gander on the way home, so there is no benefit there.

So why the heck would you ever want to take this flight? If it’s cheap. That’s it. Right now, all flights are available for $936.30 roundtrip from Minneapolis. That is a couple hundred bucks or so cheaper than what I’m seeing on other airlines right now, for the most part, so maybe that’ll be the key to success.

But is this really worth running this flight? Listening to others thoughts on this, the best rationale I’ve heard is that there must be some sort of tour company relationship. Sun Country does a lot of tour business, so this could be a sweetheart deal where they get paid a lot to shuttle tour participants over.

If that’s not the case, well, I just don’t get it.

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