Cranky on the Web (February 16 – 19)

too fat to fly? know before you goantibride
Another day, another fat person is angry that they were bumped for needing two seats. Don’t let it happen to you.

United Most On-Time for 2009? Count Us SkepticalBNET
United is claiming it was the most on time in 2009. The claim is legally accurate, but there’s a huge asterisk in front of it that makes it all but worthless.

Maybe Mitt Romney should have tried a ‘knee defender’Christian Science Monitor
I weighed in on reclining and what NOT to do when a former presidential candidate asks you to stop it.

Brett at Cranky Flier Explains his Concierge ServiceFrugalTravelGuy
The Frugal Travel Guy chose Cranky Concierge for his first guest post. Take a look, and stick around to see all the deals he uncovers.

Liquor (and Revenue) Could Flow at Las Vegas AirportBNET
Revenue is down at Vegas McCarran airport, so they want to add a liquor store to boost funds. I love it. It’s so Vegas.

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I’m planning a trip to SE Asia next year for my wife and I. We’re debating buying three seats for the two of us… I’d like to know: If we buy three seats together, and there’s a last-minute operational issue that precludes us from sitting together, what happens to the third seat? Will we get a refund?