Good Changes for Email Subscribers

For those of you who subscribe to Cranky via email (1,500 strong and growing), I’ve made some changes starting today that should be for the good.

There have been reports recently that my emails are ending up in some of your spam folders, and that’s obviously not a good thing. To combat this, I’ve made some changes on the back-end that should help your email clients understand it’s not spam. I’ve also changed the email address that will be sending the emails from to

If you’re an email subscriber, please add as a contact or whitelist the email address to help make sure emails end up in your inbox.

If you’re not an email subscriber, well, why not? It’s free, so you really don’t have a good excuse. Head to this link to sign up. You can always cancel any time:

Thanks. Now back to airlines.

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Why am I not an email subscriber? Because I get your posts via RSS.


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