Delta Shrinks Cincinnati Again

The “death by a thousand cuts” strategy seems to be continuing in Cincinnati. Delta is shrinking once again in November and December. Is this sounding like American in St Louis to anyone else?

Here’s the deal. The following cities will be losing roughly a flight day from Cincinnati:
Cincinnati Continues to ShrinkGreensboro – November 30
Hartford – December 16
Huntsville – December 16
Indianapolis – December 16
Milwaukee – December 15
Northwest Arkansas – December 16
St Louis – December 16
Tri-Cities (Tennessee) – December 16
Tulsa (loses its only flight) – January 4

If there’s any consolation, Cincinnati will be getting another flight to Minneapolis. Hmm, that’s not much in the way of consolation is it?

It’s possible these are just cuts for the winter season and they’ll come back next summer. Um, yeah. That’s it. The airport appears to be on an inevitable march toward hublessness despite a lack of any official proclamation.

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