My First Wifi Flight

I didn’t expect my first wifi flight to be on a 1950s era Grumman Albatross, but sure enough, here I am. Here at NBTA, Row 44 (the guys doing wifi for Southwest and Alaska) took me up for a flight thanks to the Southwest guys. What a beautiful evening here in San Diego.

Wifi Grumman Albatross Over San Diego

I’ll have more tomorrow.

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My office is next to the tower at Montgomery Field here in SD. It was difficult to remain focused in a meeting with the boss when this landed over his shoulder.


Albatross, bleeding albatross! Get your albatross here! (Monty Python reference if you didn’t know) I’d kill for a ride in one of those! You lucky dog…


Did you really find yourself “laying” on an old blanket or were more likely lying on an old blanket? The former would be quite noteworthy.


[…] Southwest has just announced it will put wifi on flights by 2010…with the amenity landing so many headlines of late, the Cranky Flier decided to share his first in-flight wifi experience. […]