Your Feedback on My 1,000th Post

I really have to thank you all for your feedback on my 1,000th post earlier this week. I asked for your thoughts and ideas and you really weren’t shy about helping. I received dozens of comments and emails, many from people who contacted me for the very first time. You know what? I love it. I love getting emails and thoughts from everyone, and I really appreciate you taking the time.

So what did you guys say and what the heck am I gonna do about it?

Ads are OK – Well you made it clear that you didn’t mind more ads on the site, though you certainly don’t want the crazy pop-ups or drop downs that are incredibly annoying. I agree. I’m actually just about to begin working with an ad network that should help make my ads more relevant, so that’s good news. I will likely look at ways to improve the ad placement, but please promise me that if you see anything too dramatic, you’ll let me know.

Write a Book and We’ll Buy It – Many of you were really interested in seeing me write a book. Now that sounds fun. I actually had this idea when I was on the road late last year, and I’ve already written a 40,000 word book (kinda small, I know) about my experiences driving around the country after I was laid off. I’m circulating it to a few friends right now to make sure it doesn’t suck, and then I may put it out there.

I’ve also thought about putting together some of my more interesting trip reports (many of which haven’t been posted here, like a flight on the Concorde, or my trip to Africa), so I’ll get working on doing that with good additional content. As they say, watch this space. If you have books you’d like to see me write, let me know.

Contribute to Keep Cranky Going Strong – The last idea that actually had strong support was the idea of donations. To be honest, I had held back because I don’t ever want anyone to feel obligated, but considering the outpouring of support, I’ve decided to put up a button. You can see the donation button in the sidebar at right. It’s also right here:

I hate calling it a donation, because really it’s more like a contribution to help fund the upkeep of the site (which includes feeding me so I can write). If you see fit to send money my way in support of Cranky, I would certainly appreciate it. If you don’t, well, I simply hope you’ll keep reading. Just remember, I’m not a registered non-profit (I just play one in real life), so the contributions aren’t tax deductible.

Other Good Stuff – There were plenty of other interesting ideas, including becoming a travel consultant (to help people, not to actually book the flights), a syndicated columnist, and a teacher. I like all of these, and I’m going to keep looking to see how this could work for me.

Cranky Gear and the Travel Directory – Just one final note. There are actually a couple areas of the site that you may not know about, so I’m going to point them out. It just so happens, they both can generate money for me.

First, see that “Shop” button up top? That takes you to my online store at CafePress where you can buy Cranky Gear. I have added a few things on there, but I’m always happy to add more. So far, Cranky Gear has been seen on three different continents. You can see some of the pictures that have been sent to me here. (Sorry about the formatting – I’m working on it.)

Also, you may have noticed that I have a travel directory on the site. For airlines and airports, inclusion is free. For everyone else, $25 will get you a year in the directory, if you’re a travel-related site. If you’re interested, let me know.

You guys really came through with your feedback, and I appreciate it. Thank you. Now, let’s get back to airline talk. Of course, if you have any more to say, let me know at

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