United Now Has New First & Business Class on Every International 767

There’s some good news from United in their ongoing multi-year effort to put their new flat bed business class seat on their airplanes. As of now, every flying 767 that is configured for international service has the new seats. First Class travelers have also seen the end of the crappy 767 seat. There are First Class suites throughout as well.

So let’s think about this from a passenger perspective. What plane do you want to fly in each class of service if you’re on United?

Economy Minus

  1. 767 – Coach seats at least have looping in-seat video, and the 2-3-2 configuration means you have a better shot of avoiding a middle than on other planes. You also have a better shot at getting pushed up to Economy Plus since 47% of seats in coach are in that cabin on this plane.

  2. 777 – You’ll get the same looping in-seat video for now, but look for this plane to leapfrog the 767 with AVOD once the refurbs begin. The 2-5-2 config means a middle seat is more likely. Still, with 42% of seats in coach in Economy Plus, your upgrade chances are pretty good. (That number rises to 48% after the refurb.)

  3. 747 – Avoid this plane at all costs. Not only are there no in-seat entertainment options, but the 3-4-3 configuration makes for an uncomfortable ride for couples. Only 33% of coach seats pre-refurb and 22% of coach seats on refurbed aircraft are Economy Plus on this plane, so upgrades are less likely.

Economy Plus

  1. 767 – Not much differentiates this plane from the 777 here except that you have the 2-3-2 configuration. Remember, once the 777 gets AVOD, it will leapfrog this plane.

  2. 777 – It’s basically a tie with the 767 except for the configuration.

  3. 747 – Again, avoid at all costs if you need entertainment. No in-seat entertainment to speak of.


  1. 767 – If you’re on a 767, you will have the new business class seats

  2. 747 – More than half the 747s have the new business class seats, but even if you don’t get one, at least you can be on the upper deck

  3. 777 – Not a single airplane has the new business class seats, so you should avoid this one


  1. 767 – This cellar-dweller leaps to the front now that the newly-renovated suites have been installed

  2. 747 – More than half the 747s have the refurbed suites, but even if they don’t, you’re still in the nose of the airplane and that’s excellent

  3. 777 – Not as big of a gap as in business, the the First suites may be a little tired on some of these planes

Of course, if you’re on a 777 or 767 domestically, you’ll need to see if it’s even an internationally-configured one. Most of the time, it’s not and you’ll just be on a regular domestic-style configuration.

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