Allegiant Details LAX Plans

Despite all the skepticism around my initial post, Allegiant Allegiant Coming to LAXdid, in fact, announce this week that it’s coming to LAX and not any of the other surrounding airports. Glad to see that my source is as reliable as I thought. It’s definitely some new territory for the airline, and I imagine that they’ll do very well here, or shall I say they’ll do very well bringing people here. Let’s get the details out here for all those frozen Midwesterners who want a little sun and sand (today’s weather: 71 and partly cloudy).

Allegiant is a very simple operation. They will be basing two aircraft here at LAX and those planes will usually each do a morning roundtrip to some far flung destination followed by a second roundtrip in the afternoon every day of the week. That’s right. They’ll serve twelve destinations from LAX with only two airplanes, but that’s normal for these guys.

Allegiant doesn’t try for business traffic. They just want to bring leisure travelers to a destination, and in this case that destination is Southern California. It’s cheap (some flights for as low as $39 each way), but you have to fly on their terms. Make sure you pay attention to all the extra fees – almost nobody escapes without paying more – but it’s still a really good deal overall. Each destination will be served only two or three times per week. Here’s the rollout schedule:

May 1 – Grand Junction (Colorado) on Monday/Friday
May 1 – Medford (Oregon) on Monday/Friday
May 2 – Bellingham (Washington – near the Canadian border) on Monday/Wednesday/Saturday
May 2 – Missoula (Montana) on Wednesday/Saturday
May 3 – Monterey (California) on Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday
May 3 – Springfield/Branson (Missouri) on Thursday/Sunday
May 22 – Billings (Montana) on Tuesday/Friday
May 23 – Fargo (North Dakota) on Tuesday/Saturday
May 23 – Sioux Falls (South Dakota) on Wednesday/Saturday
May 23 – Wichita (Kansas) on Wednesday/Saturday
May 24 – Des Moines (Iowa) on Thursday/Sunday
May 24 – McAllen (Texas) on Thursday/Sunday

It will be very interesting to see how United/American/Alaska react to direct competition on routes they fly nonstop. Scratch that – there really isn’t much competition here, but will it be perceived that way? Those United and American flights from Monterey to LAX are there mostly to feed other flights and not for local traffic. This thrice weekly flight on Allegiant really won’t take much traffic from the existing airlines but rather stimulate new traffic. It’s a little different in Medford where Horizon gets local traffic, but it still won’t be much competition with only two flights a week. Of course, Alaska (Horizon’s parent) has shown that it is all for strong reactions when threatened lately (right, Virgin America?), so there’s no guarantee they will ignore this either.

Another interesting thing is what you find when you pick through the schedules to look for holes. When a plane goes to Monterey on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, it looked like it was sitting on the ground for more than four hours. A little more digging shows that Allegiant is squeezing in a roundtrip down to San Diego from Monterey before it comes back to LAX again. Same thing goes for flights to Grand Junction, but from there the plane is just going back to Vegas, probably so they can swap aircraft through the system.

Also, one of the airplanes has a gaping hole on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons. The plane arrives back at LAX at 140p on Monday, 235p on Tuesday, 355p on Wednesday, and 135p on Friday and does nothing else for the rest of the day. Something tells me they could launch another route or two in the not-too-distant future. There’s no reason for that plane to sit idle.

One more thing. If you’re trying to put the schedules together yourselves, you may have a little trouble until you realize that the Wednesday and Saturday flights to Bellingham are actually flown by an airplane based in Bellingham and not one of the LAX planes. That’s how they can squeeze out an extra morning flight on those days.

Allegiant will use Terminal 6 at LAX, and they won’t need a ton of space. In fact, the flights are scattered so that this entire thing can be operated from only one gate. So, welcome to LAX, Allegiant. We look forward to seeing you bring many pasty white Midwesterners here to spend money and help us out of our budget hole.

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Cranky, The junk fees that Allegiant tacks on might be worthy of their own post sometime soon. The one that gets my goat is the $13.50 convenience fee for booking on the website. Most other airlines tack on a surcharge for the time-consuming, expensive process of issuing a ticket in person at the airport. Allegiant seems to have taken a page out of Ticketmaster’s book by charging passengers for the right to book their ticket from the comfort of their own home, even though online transactions can be consummated at a fraction of the cost of in-person sales. If customers… Read more »
Didn’t Spirit do that “web booking fee” for about 10 minutes and retracted it? I’ve seen some good deals on Allegiant, and they fly from Fort Collins, (where you can practically park your car in front of the plane,) down to Las Vegas, but I always worry about the contingency factor of only having one plane available -per airport, per there times a week or whatever. I’m not a business traveler, but when I travel for pleasure it’s often during weekends or I rely on flying home Monday morning and going straight to work. I prefer an airline with a… Read more »
Voyager, The convenience fee is a great example of value-based rather than cost-based pricing. At least it’s understandable when coming from a for-profit corporation. I find this behavior less justified, say, when the City of Long Beach charges a convenience fee for online bill payment even though it should be cheaper for them than processing checks. As for avoiding fees by going to an airport, United once wanted me to pick up an infant paper ticket (LHR-IAD) in person at LHR, but it had to be done before the day of the flight — a 1:40 hour drive each way… Read more »
My in-laws loved flying Allegiant from Ft. Wayne to Phoenix- Mesa Gateway. No bothersome plane changes in big, confusing hubs. I loved picking them up at an airport that lets you park within yards of the door for free. That all ended when fuel went thru the roof and Allegiant quit flights across the Mississippi. I wonder if the size of LAX will be an issue for the infrequent flier from a small community as opposed to flying into BUR, LGB, ONT or SNA. Also, what does Allegiant do if a plane goes mechanical– with such a tight schedule, small… Read more »
I’m with James on the issues that can come up with weather or problems with the plane. Direct flights on heavily traveled routes help to mitigate that. But if you’re in Fargo or Grand Junction, needing to fly to MSP, SLC or DEN to make a connection to get to Phoenix or LAX does add some risk to the equation. There’s always that chance you get MSP before getting stuck because of a storm and find yourself spending the night. It does give one more options in those situations but taking the direct flight also mitigates the risk. I’d be… Read more »

If they cancelled a flight because of low load, what would they do at the destination airport? The aircraft isn’t just going there and hanging around, it is scheduled to pick up passengers and take them somewhere. In other words, they’d either need to cancel that flight to or find a different aircraft for it. That quick turns into a snowball effect, especially if the aircraft isn’t scheduled to do shuttle-like round-trips between to points.


>>So when a plane needs maintenance in Bellingham or Fort Collins, with not
>>even another airline serving the city, am I correct in that the passengers >>simply have to wait another day or two, or three, for another plane?

I don’t know about Fort Collins, but for BLI is a G4 base with staff, maintenance, and I think 2 planes based there. Also BLI is served by QX(Horizon for Alaska Air).

Nick Barnard

I wonder if they have any slack system wide to cover the Irrops? I’d assume given maintenance requirements there is one plane out of service at any given time, so they’d have the possibility of using that. And if push comes to shove they can add a third round trip using one of the existing planes, and people will just be really late…


“Those United and American flights from Monterey to LAX are there mostly to feed other flights and not for local traffic.”

you can say that again. I once tried to book a return flight one month in advance on united and got quoted $880 for coach online. ouch! they could not have made it clearer they really did not want my business if they had sent me a dead rodent in the mail.

David SF eastbay

I was wondering where Allegiant was getting planes for new service until I read today that they have 39 aircraft with four more due this year from Norwegian airlines of Sweden. It’s nice to see and airline these days getting more aircraft to expand instead of grounding aircraft to decrease in size.

A. Alot of new functions on the website are really great and new but alot of increasing amounts of callers are very angry about the fact that seats were automatically assigned along with trip flex and the options for not selecting seats or adding the travel protection are not and were not clear and obvious possibilities for them thus making them have to call in and then have us removed and have lead refund. Second part of this would be when credit cards are declined the are told to call us at reservations line instead of the financial institution. They… Read more »

Funny how the same posts from terminated Allegiant Call Center employees keep turning up on different sites…..about Maury and Value Jet etc. How the planes are unsafe…yawn!
Get over it guys(and girls) and move on…..

Cranky, do you know what Allegiant planes might be doing at LGB? I’ve seen one land last Sunday (April 19) at 17:47, and another about a week before at roughly the same time (on a weekday). Would they be charters? I thought Allegiant didn’t do many charters. I just had the pleasure of booking my first ever Allegiant flight, leaving LAX to XNA at the end of May. The web site is extremely annoying, not only do they check the extras by default but they also make it difficult to remove them. For example, there’s no button to removed a… Read more »
Sure, I’ll send a report after the trip. In the meantime, another web site foolishness I encountered while planning for this trip: I just reserved a car at XNA on, but the web site only allowed me to reserve 1 child car seat, while I need 2. This was corrected with a phone call immediately after I made the reservation, wasting everybody’s time. But I can understand the enterprise web site, after all it’s probably not worth the coding effort to put in options to support families traveling with 2 children, as this is such a rare occurrence. Incidentally,… Read more »

Haha! Love the blog! I found this while searching to find out what Terminal Allegiant will be using at LAX. I love the “pastey white Midwesterners.” I’m loving this deal so far because I get to take a trip back to the Midwest to go home for a visit. I managed to avoid most of the extra fees. Yay!


Does anyone know why Allegiant’s hotel packages (Fly Free to Las Vegas) fluctuate in price hour to hour?? Is there a better time to book when the price is down?


@ Shanna:
I am flying out of LAX and the flight is at 6:35 in the morning. If I arrive at 5:15, will I have enough time. I am told they shut down their window 45 minutes before flight departure.

@ lou: Lou, yes they do close 45 minutes before. I always try to get to the airport no less than hour before the flight. They are usually not too busy (there’s only two check in desks), especially if you’re not traveling around a holiday. I believe the last time I had the 6:35am departure, I got to the airport around 5 or 5:15am and I had plenty of time. If you will be flying out of a small airport like Fargo, for example, please be sure to get there early as well. My family and I have always pushed… Read more »