And the Winner Is . . .

. . . not Cranky. If you went to check the Weblog Award site after the voting ended on Tuesday, you likely saw that my blog ended the race in second, down 29 votes to a small Swiss blog called MyKugelhopf. But they didn’t officially release the winners until today, so I figured I’d wait just in case they decided that, oh, 30 of MyKugelhopf’s votes didn’t count.

That wasn’t the case. So, thank you to everyone for who voted for me over the last week, and congrats to the Kug (not to be confused with John “no longer the Coug” Mellencamp). It’s a very food-focused site, so foodies may want to head over and check it out.

Now back to writing about today’s US Airways accident. I’ll be back in the morning.

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9 Comments on "And the Winner Is . . ."

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Johnny Plane

Well it’s fine you didn’t win because your blog didn’t really fit in that category. Most of the other were destination oriented travel and not really the airline industry they should have just had a separate category for aviation related blog.


I demand a recount.

Wonko Beeblebrox

I voted for you– early and often!

The Traveling Optimist
The Traveling Optimist

Top Honors for a lively industry blog, Cranky. Kinda like the Conde Nast results that break down everything and every provider every which way from Sunday! Congrats to you.

Ach…food and flying. No wonder they won with such nice memories!


In Minnesota you can be up by several hundred points and after a recount loose by 250. Might want to contest the results. Some votes might have been wrongly rejected.


I will not add another recount joke in here…but on behalf of myself, my hedgehog, my cat, my dog and my dead relatives we did our best to push you over the top, ChiTown style! You had a nice showing bro…and if I want to learn about Peruvian wombat cheese, I will check out the Kug site. If I want to know what is really going on with this wackey industry we call global aviation … I will be on yours. Take a guess which one matters more to me.


So lame. you totally should have won. grr.

David SF eastbay

All it means is that the winner just had more of their friends voting over and over and over again.

Or this was just another Gore/Bush voting ordeal.

If it makes you feel better, you can have one free Alitalia blog next week…