The Parachute Inn and Other Great Airport Restaurants

It’s been a busy week with a lot of really long posts, so I figured I’d end on a lighter note. Once I left Indiana, I crossed the Ohio and met up with US-60. I decided to stick with that road all the way to Phoenix, and it truly was an incredible drive. I did, however, stray a couple of times. Once I found that the Parachute Inn in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas was a mere hour off US-60, I decided I had to do it. (Thanks for the recommendation, Brian.)

So what’s so special about the Parachute Inn? Take a look for yourself:


That’s right. They took a Southwest 737-200 fuselage and plopped it right on to the ground as part of the restaurant. When I showed up, they only had two people working so the airplane wasn’t open for eating, but they did let me go in and take a look. The airplane is in pretty good shape on the inside with tables set up surrounded by Southwest seats.


It’s definitely a unique setting for a restaurant, and by the way, they make a mean breakfast that was easily worth at least double the $3 they charged.
Later on in the trip, I made my way to Ponca City, OK on the advice of multiple people who had been there. There’s not much in town other than massive Conoco Phillips refineries, but there is Enrique’s. This Mexican food joint is in the Ponca City airport and has some of the best chips and salsa around.

I had someone else recommend a couple places in Owensboro, KY but I didn’t get the chance to stop there. Anyone else have some great airport restaurant recommendations?

See more pics of the Parachute Inn and the aircraft being scrapped nearby

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